Between “Hisba” and the “Military Security” Only Literal Difference

by admindiaa

Exclusive” #Euphrates_Post

Our correspondent says that ISIS Hisba apparatus raided one of local’s houses in “Gharaniej” village yesterday, which led to an attack by locals against the apparatus’s patrol, and beating its members, then the regulation began an alert status within their fighters, and arrested over 20 person, most of them doesn’t involved the previous attack.

Our correspondent said also that one of the civilians was smoking within the yard of a house nearby the main street in the village, one of ISIS members saw him, immediately entered the yard without a permission trying to catch the civilian, but this man escaped and entered another house, jumped  above this house to another house, while regulation’s members was following him, finaly those members raided the last house and insisted that the man was inside the “bathroom”.

The house owner prevented them of entering bathroom, so they arrested the owner and entered bathroom, and when they did so, they found a woman inside it, and immediately locals began an attack on those members, snatched their weapons and prevented them of arresting the house owner, then the patrol brought a huge supporting of militants, and began an arresting campaign arrested randomly 20 civilian.

The village’s elders went towards so-called “AlKier Governor” and presented a grievance, and he said:”Hisba personnels empowered to do anything, What invited those elders to went towards Raqqa, the capital of the regulation perhaps they will find somebody avenge for them there.

Noteworthy that the Hisba apparatus assaults had increased recently, where the regulation arrested during the last week a dozens of women and men from the cattle market in Abu Hamaam village, for false and unrealistic reasons, and they didn’t released them until their relatives came and paid various monetary fines, “Abu Atallah Al Homsy” served as the prince of Hisba in Shuaitat region, and he known by locals of “injustice and cruelty” for the simplest reasons

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