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AlBab takes off veil, Important Docs of ISIS Governor, Only with Euphrates Post

by admindiaa

“Exclusive” #Euphrates_Post

Our team in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, got an important secret documents from the office of the former so-called “governor of ISIS regulation” in AlBab city, In a precedent is the first of its kind and directly after liberating AlBab city of the terrorist regulation, EP Correspondent initiated to login, and he was the first journalist who entered the former most dangerous places and important places and headquarters of the regulation inside the city, like the secret detention centers, where was ISIS jailer torturing detainees using all the prohibited ways, also he took a photos inside the regulation’s offices, which until two days ago was called “the offices of Islamic State” as their members called it.

This city was suffering of the regulation’s criminal practices, was bleeding silently along the period of ISIS control, without rescuer from their fighters assaults, or deterrent of their moral and Institutional corruption, where the group of documents which attached with this press report proved with the irrefutable evidence which confirmed by the regulation’s alleged institutions, the involvement of a large number of ISIS leaders and security commanders and even the small fighters in the corruption cases, abuses and thefts, assassination attempts and internal war, it was all at the expense of AlBab locals and their belongings.

The details were as follows:

Contained most of the documents on the kinetics of the names of the leaders and security officials and informants within the organization, and other civilians or supporters they send messages grievance for governor, also appeared in some of the mail complaint from the leader of their group to organize an assault by Moroccan fighter on a group of women, explaining that he moans to the governor only because Moroccan fighter has assaulted on those women “alone” without a male relative, while the rest of the documents revealed issues as recruitment of child soldiers and delay the salaries, bulk exemptions in a sensitive cases “by acclamation” and the stroke of a pen, and most importantly an internal assassination attempts between the elements of the regulation through using vehicles, and invoked of reckless driving or lack of driving proficiency.

– The first section of the documents show a group of correspondence and filled with the issues of financial corruption between the door and the Emir of the military committee Abu Abdullah (Kosovan), where the first of the documents for the component of “Khattab Al-shami” and accusing him of stealing $10,000 US dollars when he was responsible for the security barriers in the city of Aleppo, it is evident during the reading of the correspondence how the security official discharged him without scrutiny of the testimonies of witnesses or or even the collection of evidence, once the sponsorship of “Abu Ayoub” the security official in Iraq, the case was canceled and restricted the case against an unknown.

– In one of the documents a message by a juvenile appears and he was under 16 years old, and he was talking to the governor that he has asthma, and the medical committee tested him and they ordered him to fight in the fronts or bring back his weapon to the regulation, and thus be out from regulation’s ranks, the purpose of this letter that immediately after he will present his weapon to the committee, he will return to civilians ranks, he will lose his salary, and his family perhaps need this salary, this message also appears that he couldn’t “Kill” in the battle field.

– The third document details inform directed from the Emir of the medical committee of the Organization of the “Abu Ghraib Al-tawheedi” and asked for a recount of this component because of his attempt to crush the element of a Tunisian nationality, because the elements of “immigrants” as described by members of the ISIS, are the backbone of the terrorist regulation and who do not miss, care must be taken to protect their lives, and reveals this document details the internal war in which the members of the ISIS and its components, and the situation of suspicion and mistrust in one way or another.

– it also included one of the documents, a complaint from one of the leaders of the groups on the difficulty in dealing with a Moroccan immigrant, where they seized on the house of one of the civilians in the town of Jarablus, and this house owner was living in Europe, and they made it a headquarters, but the immigrant did not satisfied what his companions took but also “Seized” a group of women from the relatives of the owner of the house and the expelled ISIS group from the house, the leader said that he noted that the Tunisian immigrant, frequently abroad sitting with those women alone without male relative, so he was upset and decided inform the governor and prepared a witnesses whom their names mentioned within the document.

– Thefts didn’t limited only on the alive leaders and fighters, but also included the dead members of ISIS, where “Jassim Muhamed Al Ibraheim” from AlGhandura village in Jarablus, and a father of one of the dead fighter who were killed during the clashes of the regulation in AlWahsheya village in the northen countryside, sent a “Grievance

” message to the governor, included says that amount of money estimated to 2300$ and 150.000SP, was stolen from his son’s corpse after he dead during those battles, and he have communicated with the martyrs office as he described, but all his efforts was in vain.

– While another document shows how one of the security leaders singularity collected the revenues of the internet cafes in Mslama sector, and how he doesn’t care about his leader’s orders, and he just reassure them that the situation is under control, and they imposed a form on anybody wants to use the internet network inside those cafes, and checking people before they enters those shops.

– As for the rest of the documents which found by our correspondent in the office, it brings us back in its own way and formulation to the reports of the former informants regime, where we found many of the documents include an explanation of the figures left the areas of influence of the regulation, but informers reorganization followed their investigations of these details of their daily lives and how those people was drinking “tea” other fellow when they spoke badly about the “succession sensible”, incitement to looting the belongings of those people.

Noteworthy that Euphrates Post correspondent has documented a tour inside the detention centers of ISIS within Al Bab city, which its walls was a witness on the regulation’s brutal practices, where those prisons was full of detainees during the last battles, but the ISIS moved released them to use them on the front of its army as a human shields, in this point our reporter noted that the regulation who claims eagerness on civilians in its last visual versions, exposed their life to danger and killed a dozens of them nearby the regulation’s barriers a few days before the begining of clashes, a lot of those victims were found immediately after Euphrates Shield forces entered the city, and most of them has a torture signs.

People of AlBab city barely sigh of relief after expelling ISIS of their city, but Baghdady sent for them two suicide bombers, promised them of Paradise and Houris, and they promised people of more victims, where those bombers targeted  a civil groupings nearby Susian town, which caused martyrdom of over 60 civilian and wounding a dozens, after ISIS troops failed to overcome the shield Euphrates forces during the battle of AlBab, and as a result of the regulation’s forces regression and a big failure in all the fronts, and fleeing towards Raqqa and DeirEzzor, where the regulation preparing earthwork in those two provinces, to be tha last fort in Syria, and another bloodbath to the sons of this wounded homeland.

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