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“Agreement with Russia” Menbij Military Council delivers a villages to Regime

by admindiaa

“Exclusive” #Euphrates_Post

The military council of Menbij city with its countryside which belongs to Democratic Syria Forces #DSF announced today that they delivered the surrounding villages of opposition sites eastern Al Bab city, to Regime border guards.

The announcement which published on the council’s official pages through social media says that the Council’s forces made a deal with the Russian side to delivr the the touchline villages with opposition factions western Menbij city to the forces of boarder guard which belongs to Regime, which will take the mission of protecting the line between Menbij Military Council of the controlled areas of the opposition factions within “Euphrates Shield”.

The announcement pointed out that aim of this movement is protecting civilians and avoiding them the woes of war and protcting them of another bloodshed, in order to preserve the secure and safety of Menbij city with its countryside, also waylay in front of the Turkish Army and preventing it of Occupying more Syrian lands “As they described”.

The Opposition Factions which supported by the Turkish Army had continued its progress towards Democratic Syria Forces after controlling several villages was controlled by DSF eastern Al Bab city in the eastrn countryside of Aleppo which under the opposition rule now, after a violent confrontations within the context of #Euphrates_Shield battle.

As another violent clashes broke out continued to over 4 hours against Regime forces in the village of Fikha Saghera eastern Al Bab city in the eastern countryside, after the last targeted the opposition sites in the village of Um Shkeaf, which led to the opposition forces of capturing two fighters, while the losses still unknown among their ranks, also three of the opposition fighters were wounded with varying.

Noteworthy also that Regime forces controlled two days ago Jub Al Khafy village to enter after this progress the administrative boundaries of Menbij city, and to be in the touchline with Democratic Syria Forces, to stop the the progress of the opposition factions at the expense of ISIS regulation in the eastern countryside of Aleppo

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