Iraqi immigrant threatens woman, or Marriage and ISIS “Absolves”

by admindiaa

“Exclusive” #Euphrates_Post

ISIS regulation’s members treatment in all the regions differs from treating the people of DeirEzzor and this due to the huge losses and the violent battles which the regulation faced by the sons of this province, and the most notably killing 80% of the Golden battalion in the last days of the year 2014.

On the other hand the assassinations which was and still chasing ISIS fighters in the city and the countryside of DeirEzzor, whether by the former fighters of FSA or by civilians the sons on the province whom due to the unfairness and unfairly judgments against most of the civilians.

As for Shuaitat regions excesses more and more and the deep hatred appears by most of the immigrants and supporter fighters against locals, while most of the judges of the regulation still disbelieving all sons of this clan.

Since a few days the so-called “Abu Aisha Al Iraqi” one of the regulation’s members in the village of Abu Hamaam, Threatened (A.H) married woman has three sons, threatened of killing or kidnapping if she’ll rejects marrying him, and he promised to divorcing her of her husband.

The woman told one of her brothers and her brother informed Hisba apparatus about all what happened to his sister, then Hisba members arrested the Iraqi immigrant, but they released him after he spent only one day in their prison, under pretext of “the lack of concrete evidence”.

Also the woman’s brothers resorted to several security commanders of the regulation, but all their efforts was in vain, even those commanders informed them that they should stay within their houses and “Shut their mouths” or the regulation could punish them under the charge of “Disliking the members of the Regulation

قد يعحبك أيضاً

دع تعليقاً

ياستخدامك لهذا النموذج أنت توافق على حفظ بيناتك في هذا الموقع

هذا الموقع يستخدم ما يسمى الكوكيز لتأمين أفضل خدمة لكم في زيارتكم لموقعنا، معظم المواقع الكبرى تستخدخ هذه التقنية موافق قراءة المزيد

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