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In their controlled areas, ISIS annulled covenants and begins “Compulsory Recruitment”

by admindiaa

“Exclusive” Euphrates Post

With the increasing of ISIS “Flounder and Defeats” which they lives in all the battle fields, also with the beginning of transferring all the main points of their “Fake Caliphates” regulation from Raqqa to DeirEzzor.

Our correspondent in DeirEzzor confirmed that the regulation had virtually transfered “their Caliphates capital” from Raqqa to DeirEzzor province, and the city of capital seems to be “Myadein”, this thing scatter their old mottos which says “Staying and expanding” and the reality is “Ephemeral and Shrinking.”

The regulation began changing the policy with their supporter employees due to those last changes of the controlling map, and moved them to another stage.

Where the regulation issued a decision imposes the supporters whom doesn’t announce their “Bayaa” *a kind of supporting until death and swearing on that, imposed them to join and fight in the battle fronts, which stable from three years without any progress except some progress in Bghailya and Tombs regions, unlike their promises to locals when they said that they will liberate the province in several days.

The decision included employees of the regulation in all departments: (services, education, health, Zakat, courts, electricity, water and communications) and other services and organizational entities, where the staff of these entities will be in fronts accordance with a specific timetable for each office and according to the importance and intensity of its staff:

– Zakat ten days

– Health four days

– Services (electricity, postal, water and municipalities) for seven days

– Workers of courts three days

The regulation opened employment opportunities in these areas for those who have certificates, and provided many jobs through the “contract system” but the contract did not include any imposing on fighting or even joining the fronts.

As usual, the regulation “denied all the promises” due to their last defeats and lack of fighters number in their ranks, also due to the death of 2400 fighter of ISIS only in Mosul battle, except AlBab and Palmyra battles and Tabka recently.

where the regulation threatened the contractors whom lag of joining the battlefields, of expelling from their jobs which complicating the situation due to their urgent need to anu works to support their families, during the expensive life within ISIS controlled regions and preventing them of leaving those regions.

“Muhamed A.” an activist from DeirEzzor and he’s also one of Euphrates Post reporters in the controlled areas by ISIS regulation, says that: this step leds to compulsory recruitment, and it will open the door to a lot of dissent and fleeing operations, and that thing will also accelerates the end of ISIS regulation which all the civilians of DeirEzzor waiting it, especially because ISIS practiced against them what Regime couldn’t make it during their control, and killed the best fighters of the province under a fake and dirty pretexts, only to execute the orders of intelligence of ending the revolution in Syria.

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