Civil status and marriage under ISIS control

by admindiaa

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Every military entity that governs a particular area has its own laws and decisions, which, despite its distress, imposes on all civilians who bow to its rule.

The ISIS a terrorists who simplifies his control and over the province of Deir al-Azur and its villages, as well as the refugees who came to it from various parts of Syria and Iraq,


As it calls them, leaving them no room to object to the decisions and laws that violate the customs and traditions and unjust for the poor and the general vulnerable.

The terrorist ISIS has imposed many arbitrary restrictions and procedures on the person who submits to marriage, where it is known to the general public that it is the nature and Islamic laws that govern that region of Syria automatically, because of the commitment of its people to Be divorced without forcing them to sharia law, in addition to customs and traditions which they have done since their very young age.

We all know that the basic conditions for the completion of marriage are the acceptance of the rulers of the families and the couple and publicity in the final stage is the most important conditions in addition to read the verses of the Koran by a person familiar with the matters of religion and the presence of witnesses, and determine a specific dowry or not specified “as desired by the governors” are the most important procedures Which are used to complete the correct marriage and are recognized by everyone without any controversy.

Everyone without controversy.

As for the organization of the preacher and its sponsors, they had a different opinion and different laws and procedures.

At the beginning of the entry of Da’al to Deir al-Azur, the organization did not intervene very much in these matters, but soon ISIS established the courts he called “Sharia” in his areas of control in each of , Bu Kamal and Sabikhan, to take these courts the role of the first legislator and the last

The most important new procedures for marriage and penalties imposed on violators:

1-must be attended by the husband and wife and their parents and two witnesses who know the husband and wife well.

2-Bring blood donation paper from the health center in the region

3-Bring a blood test paper and a medical examination showing that the couple did not get sick

Bring money, ie, the dowry, and identify it during the face of the forensic judge 4-

5-When appearing before the judge, the consent of the husband and wife shall be taken and the dowry shall be determined and handed over directly to the judge.

6-A judge may invalidate a marriage if he has noticed a violation in the proceedings, for example: health damage or incompatibility of blood groups.

The couple will then be given a paper called a “legal marriage contract” in which information about the husband and wife will be recorded.

As for the married couple before coming, they were also forced to obtain new marriage contracts in the Shari’a court but with reduced procedures, but most of them were caught up in another dilemma. Once these contracts were found in their custody as they exited from areas of control calling to opposition areas, they were arrested and subjected to interrogation under The circle of doubt about their affiliation to the organization, knowing that the organization of Daash punish anyone who does not have such contracts and considers his marriage void.

Where he raises barriers urging every person walking with his wife, and asked them to show the marriage contract paper of the courts or otherwise the couple will be violated and arrested to make sure, by bringing their families to the headquarters and open an investigation, in addition to exposure to other risks.

As for the irregularities that have occurred, he has prevented any marriage outside his courts, even if the person who is holding the marriage is a member of his family, as was the case in the city of Al-A’shara when the forefather and father of Abu Abdullah Al-Kamari held a marriage with one of his relatives. Marriage is null and void and must be referred to the Shari’a Court and the necessary legal procedures must be taken before it is declared.

According to one of the Tunisian women after the death of her husband and her escape, three members of the Dahesh married her against her will, as if she were in prison. For the sabbya.

They also consider that a class is free of error, and that the least duty that must be applied to their direction is to exempt them from these procedures because they came from various parts of the earth to Syria or “the land of the Caliphate “To support Islam and Muslims, which makes them in isolation from the” common people “who are still infidels and apostates and need to prove their Islam and loyalty to the Islamic state

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