Like Regime’s practices, Militant groups expels 30 family of DeirEzzor towards unsafe areas

by admindiaa

“Exclusive” Euphrates Post

The Shari’a Board which belongs to several factions in Idleb in the region of “Kfr Daryan” decided to expel over 30 family came from DeirEzzor province whom living in “Abna AlJazera Wa AlFurat Camp” towards unsafe places, and those insafe places considered as the first battles front against Regime forces.
In the details Euphrates Post reporter says that: some militant factions supported by another militants with smugglers from the region accuse the manager of the camp, that he had hit a woman of the camp’s residents for unknown reasons.

During the court the two sides asked to swear on the holy Quraan, the woman “Retracted” of her saysings, then she said that she had began a brawl against some other women in the camp, she also said that the camp manager didn’t beat her.

However, after proving the innocence of the man, the legalists sentenced them to displacement outside the region. after a pressure of these factions, which have attacked several times and stormed the camp and opened fire between children and women and kidnapped another man was tortured and none of them are held accountable, because they are the owners of power and weapons and belongs to another biggest factions.

On the other hand, some smugglers, with the force of arms and with the knowledge of the armed factions, such as the Liberation of the Sham, put people in the camp who want to cross into Turkey until they are secured. This is the main reason for the hatred on the camp director and his family.

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