15 Martyrs in DeirEzzor during “On the shores of death friday

by admindiaa

Euphrates Post:A military reinforcements went towards Regime’s fortifications, and it was three Enter cars full of soldiers and two BMB vehicles, and that was this friday morning at 7 o’clock, and went towards the clashes areas with ISIS regulation, in the Tombs region, to begin a hard battle leds to regaining two points by Regime forces in the area surroundings.

On the other hand, Russian warplanes bombed districts under the control of the ISIS especially the area of the Tombs with missiles and cluster bombs violently and continuous, to prevent the advance of the regulation, while the arrival of the warplanes attacked DeirEzzor, while another helicopter came from Qamishli city and Hamah province carrying a military reinforcements, ammunition and food, as well as the cargo planes threw shipments of arms, ammunition, food loaded paragliding above DeirEzzor Military Airport, to Regime forces and its militias, whom fighting inside the airport and Jafra village and Harabish neighborhood and the fronts of Rasafa, Sina’a and Ummal.

The Regulation still controling the road linking between the areas mentioned on the one hand and Jura neigborhood, Qusour and 137 brigade with the youth camp command headquarters and on the other hand, the deployment of the many elements today morning inside buildings and “police school and Assad hospital and the Faculties of Agriculture and literature, the Sports City, university housing, officers residences and the criminal security, traffic and all these buildings are located between the rotary of Dalla and Panorama region on the road of DeirEzzor-Damascus, which near to the Tombs region which controlled by ISIS regulation, except the tombs which located behined from Dalla rotary to the faculty of Agriculture behind the mountain of Mwadafeen neighborhood.

In the besieged neighborhoods targeted by the Tanzim revive Al-gurah, palaces and more than 200 mortar shell fell most of these missiles joura district Powell Nazlat Valley street and close to the Jazz oven and warmly Al Daraan in front of the two schools street and close to DeirEzzor Library led to the martyrdom of six persons from one family “father and five sons” after the fall of a missiles on their house supplement in one of the buildings located Al Araba sweets in joura district and the martyrdom of another person in the Al Wady street and the occurrence of injuries in the lines of the civilians.

Three were martired children in one of the missiles joura district in the fourth hourly only a quarter of the late Thursday night, which fell on the street the valley directly in front of the Sinjar Shops located near Adnan Ugab school and causing injuries among civilians.

As the forces of order since three days to execute more than 11 prisoners from Adra prison in Talay’e camp in joura district under the charge of treachery and attempt to escape, and many prisoners managed to escape to control areas of ISIS, and more 200 prisoners were killed in the battles with the ISIS regulation.

In DeirEzzor eastern countryside, an anonymous warplanes raided on Balum fuel station and its surroundings by two air raids and left three martyres and a dozens of wounded, while three other civilians were killed in Hameidya neighborhood, after a Russian air raid this after noon, so that the number of DeirEzzor’s martyres increased to be 15 martyre within the last 24 hours, in a friday called by the Revolution Coordinations #On_The_Shores_of_Death.

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