Civilians of DeirEzzor “Human shields” during recent clashes

by admindiaa

During the difficult circumstances of the province of Deir Al-Zour recently, civilians was the easy prey for all warring parties, where has emerged recently the phenomenon of forced recruitment of civilians, whether in the areas of influence of the Regime forces or the regulation alike, the last two different ways of forcing on the civilians to force them to the enrolment of the ranks of their forces, taking advantage of the urgent need to live and to secure their livelihood.

The system has a larger number of those vulnerable populations where meant by the forces of order and his militia harassment of civilians under them in the besieged neighborhoods, given the close their eyes to the standard of living and the high prices of foodstuffs to the borders of the imaginary forced a large section of the people to recruit their sons in the ranks of the forces of order to ensure at least to get food aid scarce resources effects of the elements of the system after the share what receiving them Russian planes and the World Food Program.

According to the testimony of most of the people trapped in the districts of Al Jura and Al Qusour, one cannot get the minimum necessities of life without mediation by one of the elements of the so-called national defense in these neighborhoods, or without having a relationship with one of the elements of the security branches. and whom knows the nature of the region knows that the people there enclaved since more than two years of all actors within a siege imposed on them by ISIS regulation on the one hand and the forces of Regime with its militias on the other hand, the siege of another kind imposed also have the merchants of war.

This phenomenon do not only about those people whom forced to join the militias of the Regime for the reasons mentioned above, but also on the normal civilians whom living in the besieged neighborhoods whom even insisted that feeds months of aids which soled exorbitant prices, where Regime forces during the recent battle with ISIS waged several detention campaigns that targeted young people in these neighborhoods, and led them to join their ranks in the fighting fronts in the last days. It also led forces recently all the civilians in Harabish district adjacent to the military airport, who were rounded up toward the front lines of confrontation, the taken of them as human shields to protect themselves of ISIS regulation’s fire.

On the other hand, they released a dozens of detainees in their prisons to send them to fighting fronts with the regulation for exemption from the provisions taken against them, the most prominent of these groups is Al Rahba Protection groups whom the rotation in the regions of south-east military airport, Panorama area on the borders of the city, where ISIS arrested a large number of them during the recent clashes, after Regime forces left them to their fate in front of its army.

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