Children of Terrorism They have robbed us of our children!

by admindiaa
They have robbed our children of their childhood! Caught in a devilish plan to mould them into mindless killing machines. There are moments in history that cannot be forgotten they are so impressionable on your mind with the horror they are held together with. The most difficult is when children are victims of a regime that preys on them and corrupts their very being. Children that came in the world innocents without any sin except that they were born in a territory of war and misery. A time and place that not only conspires to shorten their life to endanger them never to reach adulthood, but draws them into the talon’s of the monsters behind the war. Those talon’s grasping children to become cubs of the monsters the world calls Daesh. They impregnate their minds and actions with the evil of brutality, murder and bloodshed to destroy any essence and innocence of the life of a child. The regime obscure the wider world from them so that they see only the world the monsters wish them to see. A veil of true reality to be hidden in this warped obscurantism of the monstrous regime. Children in fatal shocking scenes being trained in deathly combat as if participants in video games, but these are real not virtual. The time over time repetition of action normalising the brutality of the regime. A brutal army of mindless puppets not questioning the evil of their actions, being conditioned into death by brutal and barbaric means. So part of their corrupted world as to no longer see as evil, as the wider world sees. Rather the wider world now seen as a threat to them and to see them as the enemy to seek out and kill. A child that does not exceed the age of three years, yet his face rejects the features of childhood and innocence, is led to carry out a death sentence on one of the victims. A child that has become an automated puppet of the fiendish hands of Daesh. Yet the puppeters stand back and watch their child puppet exert his command to kill the captured victim. Children used and abused in this way to exert killings of captives. Adults in the wider world supposed to protect and guide children on good pathways for their healthy development now deliberately corrupting young minds to be used a killing machines that do not ask or question why? Children used in the slaughter of human beings in a far brutal way than cattle. The training to kill as young soldiers of some deluded distorted belief in a caliphate to exert control and oppression over others. Far remote from the message of selfless merciless love and compassion for all creation. A dark evil toxic thought that now impregnates young children in days and years that should be full of play and fun and healthy living. Instead they are turned into dark unquestioning automatons of death. The dark regime Daesh targets recruits that are orphaned in war, street kids and train them to be their army of death. They target those from 8 to 18 yrs with some as a young as 3yrs old. All to constitute Child abuse and crimes against humanity. They join the army of deluded recruits around the world and taught to use weapons of all types to execute their victims and terrorise communities. The training first is the deliberate planned corruption of the children in camps. The camps separate from the wider world and give a platform to concentrated input to distort mind and rob of wider questioning thoughts and opinions. Rather is infused in hate preaching and with this the bizarre giving of gifts. That of weapons to play with in a form of accepted game. All to normalise the use of weapons almost seen as a beloved toy. Some children are not all orphaned but are kidnapped with the family having no knowledge of their child being taken to camps to train in execution – murder of captives that are seen to be against the regime. No consent is given from the parents to join this evil regime. Children are lured into the promise of work and shelter, Those that are orphaned and on the streets respond as it is difficult to resist the promise of pay and shelter when they are hungry and without a family to care for them. Secondly, in the tactic to recruit is the deliberate starvation of communities to make the sound of work and food and shelter and protection an attractive offer to follow. Enforced poverty through strict regime control makes those desperate for food and money to submit to the call to join their regime. Families desperate are cajoled into the giving of their children to the regime in return for salaries ranging from $300-800 which is a sum difficult to resist for those in poverty. But families unaware of the type of training they are undergoing. So then thirdly they are then subject to rigorous intensive training in the use of weapons and killing techniques. They are trained in combat but some are trained to be suicide bombers to forfeit their lives for the cause, others become spies. Because of their stealth and ease of movements can be sent into combat missions. They are given duties way out of their capacity but quickly adapt to their commands. They are turned in to automatons to enact their foul deeds without question or conscious – even if the mission involves taking their own family as captive if seen to be against the regime. They conduct administrative tasks to report back to commanders any that are seen to be rebelling against the regime. All done devoid of emotion for those that they are victimising, cold, calculative and sadistic. The recruits from the once tender cities of Deir Ezzor in Syria and Mosul in Iraq. The human density of their captive occupation exploited by this foul organisation from hell itself. Its only goals to flaunt its illegal campaign and violate international laws and humanitarian norms that keep civilisations together. The children are raw recruits that are impressionable and unable to challenge the legality and the horrors of all they are taught to do. These criminals come from a decade of wars and conflicts that spurned these creature killing monsters but from where and who and why. Sending out their killing machines, automatons unquestioning their bloodied missions around the world. One lost another trained to replace the puppet killer they have made. No care, no concern for all life – even their army of killers have no value of their lives to those that order and fashion them, mould them to obey order with no question. They are a part of a human factory of killing products to be used and abused for the goals of this warped organisation. An organisation that cannot bear the name of Islam as are a far distant darkness of man’s inhumanity to fellow man. They are traitors to the name of the creator of peace and love and compassion. In this take our children- Yes rob them of their childhood and innocence. The pain is too much for our communities to bear and for this we all share the truth of this set of organised criminals. Criminals that desert humanity in their darkness and become monsters of brutality and killing. Help us to save our children. How can we detoxify them from this ugly bitter poison that has been poured into their fragile being? Robbed of happiness and normality of childhood, robbed of life as we know it of peace and love and play. Hear our cry to stop this madness… but save our children and our innocent citizens trapped in the occupation of these toxic oppressors.

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