The Revolutionary Guards militia appoints a new administration for the smuggling crossings between Syria and Iraq

by Anas abdullah

Euphrates post /NEWS

The Euphrates Post correspondent in Deir ez-Zor said that the Iranian “Hajj Askar,” the security and military official in the Al-Bukamal area, gave orders to isolate the leader of the Iraqi “Hezbollah” called (Akram Abu Rama) from the illegal smuggling department between Syria and Iraq

He added that the decision came after disputes between (Abu Rama) and Iranian and local personalities close to “Hajj Askar” related to the smuggling proceeds from the (illegal) railway gate, which is supervised by the leader (Abu Rama) and uses it to smuggle goods, weapons, fuel and narcotic pills

And he added that the process of isolating (Abu Rama) was accompanied by the appointment of a new administration for the “railroad” crossing, represented by the so-called “Hajj Abu Hussein al-Iraqi” and his deputy, “Abu Zainab,” and under thesupervision of the financial accountant, “Abu Jaafar,” provided that the crossing is managed through the contract system between the Revolutionary Guards and the new administration

Where the money is imposed on trade and financial payment to the Revolutionary Guards by the administration of the crossing

In a related context, a new batch of narcotic pills entered the city of Al-Bukamal via a security vehicle belonging to the Iraqi Hezbollah, loaded with a new type of narcotic pills coming from Iran via Iraq. $5,000, as the Lebanese Hezbollah militia is proud to sell it within the Syrian and Lebanese territories

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