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ISIS Burning four youths from “Shuaitat”, In the presence of their ones, under pretext of “dealing with Kurdish militias

by admindiaa

Special Euphrates Post: Two days ago ISIS regulation burned four youths until death, in the presence of their parents, under the pretext of dealing with kurdish militias, and then they threw them in euphrates river after burning operation ended.

And in the details, that the regulation three monthes ago arrested two youths from Keshkiya village, and other two from Abu Hamaam, after ISIS security commanders got an information, says that the youth are in contact with Syria’s Democratic Forces, and after three monthes of torturing, Saleh Al Hussain Al deiry who nicknamed ” Abu Ahmed Al Shuaity” contacted with the detainees parents before two days of execution, to Require them to attend at 11:00 Pm, for watching the execution of their sons, whom their ages between 15 to 24 years old, and finally the regulation’s members executed them in front of ther fathers whom couldn’t make anything to help them, and after the martyrdom of those youths ISIS memebers prevented their parents of taking the corpses, and threw them in euphrates river.

Noteworthy that “Abu Ahmed Al Shuaity” one of the senior security commanders in the regulation in the region, and one of the relatives of “Jafar Al Khaliefa” one of the regulation’s princes.

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