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Russian Launchers Kills a Dozens of Civilians in DeirEzzor

by admindiaa

Special” Euphrates Post
RUssian launchers of the style Tupolev M-22M3, as the Russian Defense Ministry says, targeted the surroundings of DeirEzzor City using cluster bombs this noon, the ministry says also that they’ve targeted the stores of ISIS and killed a dozens of the regulation’s fighters.

Our reporter in the region says that the warplanes targeted Al Salhiya and the industrial region, near to the city gate, leaving more than 30 martyr, most of their corpse were charred due to the powerfull explosion and the huge fires after the shelling, especially in the “AlMahlaja” which is a region for treating cotton previously, and recently a stores to sewing cloth bags for usage of farmers to reap their agricultural crops.

On the other hand, Russian air forces targeted the cities of DeirEzzor and Muhassan, in the eastern countryside, leaving 5 martyres, while a partial lull recorded in the battles fronts between ISIS regulation and Regime forces, after the last attack by ISIS from almost a week ago.

Noteworthy that the regulation expelled the civilians from the city of DeirEzzor, after several days of its last resolution, which imposing everybody to leave the city.

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