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ISIS Selling Receiver Device for Scrap Dealers, Confiscates it of Civilians

by admindiaa

“Exclusive” Euphrates Post


Since ISIS regulation imposed its control on DeirEzzor in the eastern region, they tryed using all the methods to besiege civilians by imposing the infraction and punishments, and confiscates their property of civilians, To continue this suffering day after day.

Where the militant regulation announced an advisory opinion in the last year- May deprives having TV and satellite (Desh) and preventing watching the channels. any kind channels, considering the those channels working against ISIS regulation, where “Hisba” members confiscated all the devices and putting it within an agricultural Land in one of the villages, and then they sold it to scrap merchants whom supporting the regulation from the sons of Sfeara city in the southern countryside of Aleppo, whom living in DeirEzzor where they displaced from a long time.

“Euphrates Post Reporter” confirmed that the regulation sold all the reciever devices to the same merchants for “10 Milion SP” which made all the locals feels resent of the regulation’s behaviors, and describing ISIS members of “spotter and thiefs”, and describing them as they does not apply the legitimacy which the imposed on civilians.

In the same context our reporter adds that ISIS regulation sold also the old warplane in the gate of Bukamal city in Sukarya rotary which its old almost 24 years, from the year 1993 or 1994, sold it to the same dealers for “1600$”.

Those behaviors created a lot of question marks by the locals about the regulation’s credibility and applying the legitimacy judgments and infractions in the purpose of protecting religion, where the regulation confiscated devices from them and sold it in another place to those scrap merchants

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