Anti-ISIL graffiti at the heart of Al-Raqqa

by admindiaa


Since ISIL took over several areas in Syria, it tried to overshadow the reality of the situation of the people living under its rule. It also tried to fill the hearts of those people with fear by means of several methods such as brutal killings, severe forms of torture, in addition to producing savage media productions. ISIL did all of that to distort the nature of life among the different generations.

Thus, ISIL was able to send a message to the world that civilian are under its full control to the extent that many Syrians living in the liberated areas and in the neighboring countries started believing that people who live in ISIL-controlled areas are obedient to ISIL without any form of resistance.

However, this could not have been further from the truth. Regardless of ISIL’s criminality and violence, many groups are still active in ISIL-controlled areas in Syria as these groups believe they need to expel ISIL and expose its practices by any means possible. In addition, those groups use several peaceful ways because they cannot conduct any military operation in ISIL-held territories.

While many people think that ISIL is in full control of the lives of civilians living in its areas as if they are content, civilian groups and FSA members, including revolutionaries from the early days of the revolution in the area, work on launching anti-ISIL civil campaigns. They also paint the walls with anti-ISIL graffiti and distribute leaflets to weaken ISIL’s hegemony.

Ahrar Al-Furat group (the Free Euphrates People) is one of the active groups in Al-Raqqa city who used the term Free as its symbol, and it uses it in its graffiti and leaflets to spread the concept of civil resistance. The group intends to encourage civilians to stand against ISIL who terrorized people, forced them to join its battles so they would die, flogged and stoned them, cut off their hands and heads, battled the revolution and supported the regime.

We received some photos from Ahrar Al-Fourat Group depicting the word Free on the street walls of Al-Raqqa city, ISIL’s self-proclaimed Caliphate State.

The story is to be continued

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