The return of the families of the ISIS members raises tribal fears in the countryside of Deir Ezzor .. causes and solutions

by admindiaa

Over the past few days, more reports have emerged from the governorate of Deir Ezzor that talk about the return of civilians to their areas after the expulsion of the ISIS organization, whether by the SDF militia or the regime forces and allied militias.
Despite the poor service and security situation in the villages of Deir Ezzor, this did not prevent some civilians from returning because of the miserable conditions they live in the camps set up by the SDF in the villages of Hasaka and Raqqa, or in other areas inside Syria.
With the start of the influx of civilians to the villages of Deir Ezzor, some incidents that are feared to be a prelude to the continued bloodshed in the region, but this time under a new name, ostensibly carry out retaliation against ISIS members and their families, The existence of ISIS and his policies during his occupation of the province.
“The Euphrates Post”, which has been following up on what is happening on the ground, documented cases of killing occurred during the past weeks, carried the desire for revenge, although it did not exceed individual cases, to fear that things develop with the start of the return of the people to their homes, Including a limited number of families affiliated with the organization, while the rest of their peers preferred not to return until now for fear of retaliation.
The problem of tribal revenge after ISIS is divided into two parts, the first of which is revenge among the people, which is the most dangerous, because it is more predictable, and even recorded a number of incidents in this area, and the danger is difficult to enumerate and finish it especially now, SDF “and the Assad regime, who are fanning tribal revenge for being in line with their interests.
The second part is the fear of vengeance among other clans and clans, which is more dangerous, especially on the two sides of the Euphrates River in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor, as well as in the eastern countryside.
The incidents documented by the “Euphrates Post” indicate that the killing was not the only way to retaliate. There were cases of house demolitions, explosion and the burning of other houses in broad daylight, on the grounds that they were for families affiliated with ISIS.
The new occupiers of Deir Ezzor and the former occupiers of ISIS are now feeding this spirit of vengeance, wanting to benefit from their interest in highlighting the ISIS crimes and incitement against the organization as the only organization that has committed the right to civilians in Deir Ezzor Thus obscuring or justifying past or current crimes of other forces.
One of the aims of instigating revenge by the regime or the SDF is to enlist more young people in the region who place ISIS crimes as an excuse to join the ranks of the anti-organization forces or to recruit other former ISIS elements inspired by the SDF and the regime’s militias, They have the revenge of the people of the region.
Some views in the countryside of Deir Ezzor, whether western or eastern, say that the limited displacement of families of the ISIS, as happened weeks ago in the Western or expected future Deir Ezzor, is an old tribal, not the birth of the moment, is that Families of criminals who commit murder are deported for a period of years.
Other opinions that justified what was happening stressed that it was difficult for anyone who killed his brother, father or other family members to be impatient over the presence of the families of their children in the killings and torture that had taken place over the years of the organization’s ISIS “succession” in the region.
There are fewer opinions, the demand for the return of the families of the elements of the organization for a period of time, to “cool the blood” as described by some of them, and settle more, and then can search for specific frameworks for their return.
It is also expected that the killings and retaliation will be limited to families whose children have belonged to the ISIS security apparatus, which has had the greatest share of the organization’s crimes and thus will not retaliate against a murderer with the organization against the Assad regime and the Iranian militias, Hands with the blood of civilians from the sons of his skin. ”
It is noteworthy that with the beginning of ISIS control of areas in the province of Deir Ezzor in 2014, the tribes were divided between supporters of the organization and opposition, and the latter tried to exploit this state of division, and take advantage of the old hostility between some tribes, through the support of those who support it, and the suppression of those who violate, As a tool by which the opposite party will be scaled.
And played tribal role in the penetration of the organization to Deir Ezzor, taking advantage of the raging and competitive relations and rivalry, and the situation of sectarian hostility in various divisions in some areas of the countryside of Deir Ezzor, to find those who stop with him not love or convinced of the idea, but because rival tribal or rival with him, Thus ISIS found an opportunity to overcome it and avenge it from the other clan.
After establishing his rule over Deir Ezzor, ISIS tried to cultivate a great tribal sedition through its media and visual publications. The most prominent of these was the visual version called “Those My Fathers.” The organization wanted to promote hatred and hatred between the tribes in Deir Ezzor and dragged them into internal conflicts , Away from their most important enemy at the time, ISIS.

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