Relative calm in the ISIS control areas in the countryside of AL- BuKamal …….. ISIS is preparing for a big battle

by admindiaa

The movement of the markets has been limited to the regions of Al-bukamal, controlled by the organization ISIS, and extended from the town of hjeen and even the village of Baguoz on the Iraqi border,In the relative calm witnessed by the region during the past few days and the absence of coalition aircraft,Except for drones, which continued to fly at different intervals.According to the correspondent of the “Euphrates Post” in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, there have been no recorded air attacks during the past three days, except as targeted by the aircraft march, elements and mechanisms of the organization, noting the absence of battles with “SDF” during the last period,Amid reports that the organization was prepared to wage a major battle with the regime’s forces and allied militias, aiming to restore the city of Albukmal by launching an attack from the regions of Baguz and Al-kabara.On the other hand, the correspondent added that the ISIS supply route between the Euphrates and the Upper Island is still open along the Iraqi border And that the ISIS elements are crossing the Euphrates River towards Al Ghabra (from Hawijah al-Freijat), taking advantage of the lack of visibility due to the heavy dust that prevails in the area from time to time.The correspondent said that the ways to enter and exit the towns of Shaafeh and hajeen remains closed, pointing out in another context that the organization began to consider the issues of prisoners and has released a number of associates Amid information that the coming days will discuss the fate of all remaining prisoners.As for the health situation, a hajeen hospital, as well as the new Al-Shafa Hospital, continued to receive everyone, with the organization opening a health center in the village of Sousse. The remaining residents of their towns and villages continued to practice some agricultural activities on their land, albeit on a small and limited scale .

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