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The Last Fort of ISIS

by admindiaa

“Exclusive” #Euphrates_Post

Military analysts involving in the Syrian case says that the probably strategy of ISIS within the next period of time in Syria began to be clear, shows that the last progress of the regulation in DeirEzzor province wasn’t just a random battle to eliminate the last bastions of Regime forces with its militias in the region, but also a master plan to fortifying its defences in the province to make it “the last impenetrable fortress” which maybe stand for more than a decade.

Especially after the regulation possible retreat from Iraqi Mosul due to their last battles against Iraqi army supported by the Popular Mobilization Forces troops, and also in the province of Raqqa with its surroundings after the continuing losses against Democratic Syria forces, as well as the retreat in the southern countryside of Aleppo against Euphrates Shield joint forces.

What proves the validity of this hypothesis is; that elements of the Organization have already started setting up barriers erected earthen barricades inside the city of Ar Raqqa, in an indication of the regulation to start a streets war, as they did previously in Tal Abyaz city northern Syria before they escaped from the region, amid a state of panic among civilians and the fall of a big number of them between a martyr and wounded following their attempt to flee toward areas of influence of the FSA towards Azaz, was the last of those cases the martyrdom of an entire family after a mine explosion when the last point in the controlled areas of ISIS.

In addition to the natural factors and oil resources and the river and the surrounding mountains in the province of DeirEzzor, will be the first line of defense, which is difficult to pass by any armies in the world impenetrable without big losses in lives and equipment, which makes the States participating in the coalition to reflect on the matter before such a step, because the desert open that takes the status of DeirEzzor City along several kilometers, make any enemy easy prey to ISIS fire, even air forces will not be able to harm required regulatory defenses unless supported by troops on the ground.

In a related context Regime’s media accused the American air forces of booting to ISIS control after the US warplanes supported by the Danish warplanes targeted in the last months of the year 2016, targeted Regime’s fortifications points in the surroundings of the Military Airport of DeirEzzor, particulary in Tharda mountains, where the wrong

bombing “As the US government said” caused the completly control of ISIS regulation on those strategic mountains, which overlooking on the airport, and this thing created a dozens of question marks about the real mission of the International Alliance in the region.


Euphrates Post reporters documented in the recent period a lot of arresting campaigns and field executions by ISIS regulation within its controlled areas in DeirEzzor Province, under the aim of eliminating any trys to resisting or forming a sleeper cells which maybe could diminishes the security grip, which imposed by the regulation, and due to this situation, civilians Underwent to ISIS instructions and legitimacy courses and Infractions, because they don’t have another choice.

While those details and mutual expressions from all the parties, shows the identity of the biggest loser in this battle after the last possible fall of ISIS fort in the province, and of course it won’t be neither the International Alliance forces of US air forces, not Regime forces with its militias supported by the Russian warplanes, or even ISIS regulation, whom their members accustomed always to disappear after any Defeat and appears later in another place,but the biggest loser will be the sons of DeirEzzor whom also used always to pay the bloody bills of war

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