Between merchants anvil and Siege hammer “Wholesale death”

by admindiaa


During the recent battles in Iraqi Mosul city, and the tight siege which imposed by the governmental forces with its militias, demand for drugs and medical requirements had increased.

Which reflected negatively on the deteriorating health situation within ISIS regulation’s controlled areas in DeirEzzor province, where merchants of the eastern countryside withdrawing a big amounts of drugs of the pharmacies and exporting it towards “Mosul” and then selling it in the double of the real price, which caused a real crisis reflected on the locals of DeirEzzor province whom living a tragic reality.

The medical reality in the both medical or therapeutic terms, suffering of lack in medical staffs and importing drugs, also the outage of roads due to clashes caused another weak in the supply and demand, and some times fully lack thereof.

Euphrates Post correspondents, pointed previously within reports that there’s a loss in several medical supplies (classified important) like “Pressure, Insulin and children’s milk”, our correspondents pointed also that those war merchants well-known by locals, but seemingly they’re protected by ISIS regulation which does not provide a way generates money, also the regulation does not care about civilian’s circumstances whom their suffering almost daily of this bad medical reality.

Abu Ammar “Pseudonym” said to us that the regulation’s members with their families receives the best medical treatments and does not lack anything, and its one of the methods which ISIS used to force people to joining the regulation.

On the other hand of the scene in DeirEzzor, the medical condition withtin the besieged neighborhoods also of deteriorating significantly and the reason is the imposed tight siege on civilians by ISIS regulation from almost two years.

Euphrates Post correspondents there, said that several mortars launched by the regulation targeted yesterday Harabish besieged neighborhood, and killed five civilians

one of them bleed until he died due to lack of medical and treatment staffs, and the drugs and treatment limited only to Regime soldiers with their supporters, and those also never dosn’t care about civilians condition, and the evidence, that Regime soldiers doesn’t allow those civilians to exit the area to flee from the death which surrounding them from everywhere just because they are from “DeirEzzor

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