International Alliance targets an oil tanks, left a dozens of victims

by admindiaa

“Exclusive” Euphrates Post the international alliance targetted yesterday midnight a grouping of oil tanks inside an oil selling market, in the surroundings of Khsham village by more than eight Intermittent air raids, where this market is a center of red petrol or “Kondisat” distribution as the locals call it, Koniko which is the most famous gasfield in Syria produced this material, where 10 civilians were killed in those raids most of them was from DeirEzzor, Homs and Edlib, while eight oil trucks were burned completly, was distributing the oil to the local merchants. On the other hand, the International Alliance also targetted a crude oil refineries “Burners” in the village of Sa’wa which sited in the western countryside of DeirEzzor, caused the martyrdom of five civilians, known of them Sami Ahmed Al Bulos one of Hatla village sons. Noteworthy that the International Allians stepped up its raids in the last few days in DeirEzzor and its surroundings, where they targetted the main electric station in Al Omar oilfield, and the managment room, which made this oilfield completly out of service, and electricity outages and lack in water in the whole rural areas. In a separate context, ISIS regulation informed the families of each Ahmed Hadeed Al Shlaal, Muhamed Hadeed Al Shlaal from the village of Khsham, which sited in the eastern countryside, that the regulation executed them a few days ago in Raqqa city, where the regulation confiscated all their possessions, and they didn’t inform their parents about the reason of execution. The regulation had arrested them before two months nearby Palmyra, during they was trying to acheive regime’s areas, to continue towards Lebanon.

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