A child and an old woman died on “Rajim Al Sleaby” roadblock, which controlled by the Kurdish militias

by admindiaa

The whole story about DeirEzzor Martyrs Mrs (Imama Al Saiyd) and the child ( Muna) on the Nazi roadblock of “Rajim Al Suleaby” which controlled by the kurdish militias.

“Exclusive” Euphrates Post : Hassaka – (Rajim Al Suleaby roadblock)
Mrs Imama Abdulrahman Al Saiyd, 65 years old from DeirEzzor, lost her life yesterday in the desert of the roadblock, Euphrates Post communicated with the only witness of her death given that he was her companion during her journey and he told us about the story:
The main reason for her death is that she stayed in the desert of the roadblock for 4 days without presenting the necessary aid to her and in view of that she had a chronic diseases (Diabetes – Pressure) which needs a special care, and she was transfered by the red “Kurdish Red Crescent” in the last moments of her life to Al Hassaka hospital and then she died and buried later in the city, Imama Al Saiyd was waiting for the acceptance from the kurdish militias to pass this horrible roadblock to Hassaka city to continue her treatment under the bad medical situation in ISIS controlled areas, so that she arrived to Hassaka as a lifeless body. it’s a murder crime that Imama exposed to after the kurdish militias prevented her of entering Hassaka city after the resolution of The so-called self-management which preventing any civilian from the eastern area of entering the city even if he have a kurdish guarantor, the sons of the eastern area whom escaped from war became a victims between all the fighting forces like ISIS and Rigeme Forces and the Kurdish Militias.

After the death of the martyr Imama in the desert of Rajim Al Sleaby roadblock the number of the died people increased to four people in less than a week, two from DeirEzzor, the child Muna and the old woman Imama, god rest her soul.

This humanitarian cross point which is the residence of a hundreds of syrian families of refugees from DeirEzzor areas, Bukamal and Raqqa perishes everyday during their residence in outdoors, as a result of the could weather and sandstorms, In light of their lack of every necessary thing like the camps, medical care and drinkable water, and what makes matters worse the volatile weather factors in the roadblock area, which led to the death of two children from the Iraqi city of Mosul, whom was the victim of relief and humanitarian organizations neglecting, this tragedy still on going and the death now knocking the doors of all the refugees whom still sitting in the desert, “Euphrates Post” from the begining of the civilians detention in this roadblock launched an appeal to all the international organizations and the human rights organization to practice any kind of pressure on the Kurdish militias to allow those stranded people of entering Al Huoll camp or to pass the roadblock to Hassaka city at least, but unfortunately this file didn’t get an attention from the Syrian Red Crescent or even from the International Red Cross.

Four Victims until now and a dozens of critical situations waiting for somebody hears their appeals.

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