The Cost of Life – Deir ez-Zor not equal even in death

by admindiaa

The banks of the Euphrates River since the dawn of history have always been a fertile land. A land that has sustained its population with richness of nutrition to keep all citizens strong and to provide economic growth. Since the war and the occupation of the criminals the world call ISIS/Daesh, the beauty of this land has been suffocated with siege and the dark shadows of death and destruction cast up its bountiful being. A double headed monster casting darkness and evil upon the land from both Assad’s regime battle on the revolutionaries and then the appearance of ISIS/Daesh or as many would like to call them Khawarij- dogs from hell. A duality of evil and threat that robbed many of life and dignity. Hand in hand both regimes terrorised the area to double lock this area in bitter and inhumane siege of depravation of basic freedoms and needs. This area of Syria once free becoming encapsulated with the brutality of occupation strangling the community with terror and starvation. Hundreds of thousands of people corralled, surrounded by evil abuse and harassment upon them. A terror to force them into submission and keep them trapped in the land that once has been their home and place of safety. The country had regime borders within its wider geographical borders that of the evil tyranny of ISIS/Daesh. A regime that prevented no one to exit or enter their manufactured patrolled borders. Citizens that were once strong in health and the life of freedom they once had where slowly weakened by siege, food becoming scarce and as the rare commodity that if any food was made available, the prices were inflated in the black market trading. Fuel for warmth as well as food was limited. All resources that were the right of life denied so that people become the victim of a slow weakening and journey towards death from starvation. Starvation becoming a war tactic to destroy the perceived enemy. A proud people that had dignity in the land that had once so readily sustained their lives were now to forage for food like primitive man. Once able to feast and entertain friends and family – now scrambling for what scraps of food and grain could be got. In this their strength and spirit weakening day by day. Not only encapsulated in a ring of oppression but their spirit compressed in the lack of freedom and the availability of the rights to sustenance. Trapped in occupation. The health of the citizens began to cave in to the extreme conditions exerted upon them. Many died out of the weakness of being depraved of food. The elderly were the most vulnerable. Some of course had pre-existing medical conditions and needed extra food, those with diabetes now struggling for nutrition and medical support. Medical services became strained and dwindled as hospitals and clinics came under attack. The restricted ISIS/Daesh borders prevented supplies from entry to ease the situation. The Red Crescent tried to help but came under attack. Doctors and carers injured or killed in some bizarre new trappings of this illegal war upon them. Citizens weakened by lack of nutrition became ill with vitamin deficiency diseases causing neurological problems and night blindness. The main meal bread and water was soon to lead to scurvy from lack of vitamin C; and with the consequent reduced immune response from lack of nutrition and the stress, diseases became rife. Poor sanitation from destroyed infrastructure from the air strikes saw hepatitis and gastro-enteritis epidemics. The pharmacy supplies rapidly became scarce with emptying shelves of stock and what stock available coming at a heavy price. Mother’s breastmilk dried and formula feed was needed but was in short supply, so babies failed to thrive. Unclean water to mix the feed and sterilisation of equipment meant further risk of disease. A proud land and proud people ever more driven into primitive life with little or no resources. Living conditions deteriorated and became more and more secluded as roads were closed. The duration of the siege now intensifying in its ferocity as it entered a third year. This unjust and inhumane siege imposing further and more restriction on food. Food becoming more and more the tool of war to weaken and kill its victims deprived of the basic human need for nutrition. Some supplies were smuggled in to become the rare commodity of a black market to charge exorbitant prices – prices justified by the smugglers to pay off the risk to smuggle through dangerous patrolled borders. Where there was availability of basics bread and water deaths still occurred some thirty cases of deaths documented from malnutrition and starvation. But many suffering have not been fully documented, the true figure and enormity of this siege to still be fully uncovered. UN aid has not reached the suffering but had been pilfered by Assad’s army. Some that got through exploited by traders to charge for this free donated aid by the world in response to the need. Some locals reported that costs far exceeded the purchase capability as funds dwindled. Even herbs used in Syrian cooking that of Thyme vastly inflated and oil and jams, sugar, flour basic groceries way out of the reach to purchase. Yet all had been sent out of good faith donation to help relieve the suffering. The continued restriction on food brought more disease and suffering, skin lesions and intestinal problems major symptoms. Then on top of this were power cuts and the need to find water as water stations no longer maintained. There was more than enough chance for air corridors to drop supplies but all supplies that got through were exploited so never achieved the goal of relieving the suffering. Instead the wretched and emaciated bodies were exploited by those wishing to cash in on their lives. So what cost life. Horrors came from both of these double headed monster ISIS/Daesh and the Assad regime with Putin now joining forces. Horrendous reports of young boys being recruited to the ISIS/Daesh as soldiers of their distorted deluded regime. Films released of boys trained by ISIS/Daesh to behead captives under the delusion and instruction of sadistic minds. Minds and actions that make them the traitors to Allah and traitors to the merciful compassionate message of the faith. A faith that bears the name of surrender to Allah and the love of the creator to gain peace in heart, mind and soul. The traitorous acts shocking the citizens and leading to anger that their peaceful faith that had held their community together in peace and harmony was now being twisted and distorted into the darkness of satanic crude and barbaric practices. Practices that were rife in the world before enlightenment to love, peace and harmony the message all world religions bring to us all. The toxic contamination of the message twisted with its tendrils based on fear, oppression and suppression to penetrate minds and communities. A far cry from the truth of the message to be selfless and merciful and discipline the ego from creating darkness. The true Jihad to be a journey in self to rid of self and become one with Gods love. Allah Akbar yes the greatest the creator of all the universe – so how could these dark clad criminals see themselves as Islamic – the are pirates and sadistic with no concern over life and no respect for the Divine creator of all. Traitors of Allah and soldiers of Satanic forces to destroy not care and respect all life. Horrific films released on youtube for all to see and indeed their faces therefore their identity seen as they bizarrely boast about their toxic poisonous filthy practices that are haram beyond haram. Images that are hard to watch and play in the mind has to how anyone can be callous and sadistic to do this. Leaving all with the question who are these pirates and who is the overall commander, where do they get their weapons and their dark uniforms. Whose earthly wider agenda do they follow for they do not follow the peace and love of Allah. Then the further horrors and assault on a once free people full of pride in their once beautiful land. The terror shelling airstrikes that did not discriminate the intended said target of ISIS/Daesh but terrorised those encapsulated by the criminal regime. The civilians, the citizens became the target of the bombing. The area a frenzy of killing from ISIS/Daesh and the Assad and Russian airstrikes. The sickening use of religions to justify this with Assad still performing prayers in the mosques yet ordering killing of women and children, Russian air men being “blessed” in some bizarre orthodox Christian baptism before they go and drop bombs and chlorine gas on their victims. Victims not only now encapsulated with closed roads but caught in a trap of assault upon them. The innocent the ones under occupation the ones whose land had been theirs to enjoy and live by now targets. Now homes and innocent lives had become part of this illegal battleground. Death from starvation, death from disease, death from injury, death from attack, death from a distorted occupation and repression, death became a sickening norm in a once peaceful proud place. Women and children with a right to be protected where victims of sickening attack from airstrikes upon them. A blurring of who was the terrorists as bodies pulled from rubble of once safe homes that had housed once happy families with lives to live and dreams to dreams. Does the one performing an airstrike on innocents now become the terrorist? Certainly they become war criminals to Geneva Convention article 51. The area destroyed and disjointed in a chaotic mess of all the evil spilled upon this land, a toxic poisonous evil that led men to not only destroy but to exploit the victims. The blockade intensified the strangulation intensified the means to escape there but exploited with high costs to governor and senior officials. What cost life? Some were forced into recruitment into the Assad regime army offered the incentive of food, an easy offer to accept for those starving. Restrictive policies and laws from the lawless and those that have even murdered to enforce more torment and strife on the remaining survivors. Survivors a term to denote those still alive in hell and in the stolen city of Dier Ezzor. Stolen of its beauty and its generosity of its land and its people to become unequal in life and unequal in death. Oppressed & Suppressed. What cost life?

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