Anti-ISIS phrases on the walls of DeirEzzor countryside

by admindiaa

“Special Euprates Post”: DeirEzzor towns and villages, scored an unique secretly activites for for a group of ISIS opponents whom rejecting the presence of the regulation in the region, to announce their rebellion against ISIS by writing unti-isis phrases written on the walls, spreaded in several regions, the most notably one was the phrase of ” ISIS Down” which wrote on the pillar of road in the entrance of ISIS controlled areas, exactly under the title ” Al Khier State”, the given name on DeirEzzor by ISIS Personnel.

Where those activists exploited the inattention of ISIS personnel in those points to surprise them in this phrases, and as usual the regulation began an arresting campaign affected a huge number of people, even civilians whom didn’t involved in writing those phrases. exactly as the previously adopted policy during regime forces rule on DeirEzzor

Noteworthy that the demographic composition of DeirEzzor province entirely different from the rest of ISIS controlled areas, whereas DeirEzzor had inflicted a huge losses in regime forces in gear and spirits, between the years 2011 to 2012 by a qualitative night operations targetted regime roadblocks which was widespread in the province in that period, those operations returned to appear nowadays after ISIS controlled the province from the year 2014 until present, and that’s by assassinations against regulation leaders and members

Euphrates Post team documented most of those assassinations in DeirEzzor, which implement by a group of sleeper cells belongs to FSA as our sources in those regions said, and the latest operation was in Abu Hamaam village in Shuaitat region in the eastern countryside of DeirEzzor, where those cells targetted the prince of “Hisba” in the region, followed by another operation two days later targetted tunisian immigrant

This comes in light of a total ban by ISIS on all the media and communications, and tight control on the allowed of it, as internet cafes and a steady judgments reached to “execution” against anyone who trying to documenting or even random imaging, in a clear violation of the first “media working statement” issued by the regulation in late 2014

ISIS still considering DeirEzzor “unsafe-area” and preventing its leaders and security commanders of residence inside it, in spite of ISIS controlling the province from more than 3 years, and spreading a hundreds of informants and a thousands of their fighters, but despite of all this security emphasis, and the iron fist which imposed on the province regions, the regulation couldn’t prevent those “unknown soldiers” of continuing whether it was civil or military activity, and those activists are insists achieving victory or death without it

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