“The Ghost of Rape inside Regime’s Prisons”

by admindiaa

Special Euphrates Post: “female Detainees are the beautiful
Episode of Gaziantep Peace – “I’m She” network

“All the female detainees are raped” a phrase spoken by a young female inside the Security Council in the year 2011, after she went out from regime’s prisons, after she spent 50 days without raping.

Obsessed of rape never left my mind during my detainment, I couldn’t Absorb or even imagining the moment that the jailers will enter and taking me to another place for raping me, I couldn’t even pronouncing the word “Rape” until inside myself.

I’ve waited day after day, week and month, without being raped neither during the investigation nor inside the dorm, not because the security personnel was saints, exactly the contrary, those was completely farthest of humanity by their bad treatment and sadism in torturing the prisoners, but the media amplification of the “few” raping incidents, inside jails, made this thing controling our thoughts inside the Syrian regime’s prisons, we don’t deny that it’s happened in several individual cases, or on some of regime’s roadblocks especially in the year 2012 during the displacement of the families.

This wrong generalization about regime’s female detainees, made their psychological situation in a continuous state of fear and anxiety, which obliged them to admits any charges under the fear of raping, this wrong generalization case wasn’t only a negative factor just on the detainees, but also on society in general, where divorce cases increased inside prisons by their husbands whom thought that their wives were raped, and I was a witness on several cases happened nearby the prison bars inside Adra central prison, in addition to the negative traetment by the parents of those girls, whom mostly forced to get married after their departure, in intent to “covering up” their situation as a former detainees, because our eastern sicieteis, with its habits and traditions and its “zonal habits”, don’t allows raping their daughters even if that was under duress.

Rape’s obsessed aren’t the only pain which Lived by the female detainees, as long the detention period lasts, as they facing more and more pain, after the detainee appears to the terrorism court judge, and after she began her judgement period, she will begin also another life inside the prison, as a forgetten detainee was either waiting for swap releasing them from darkness, or staying forgetten under the jail darkness waiting for a miracle brings back their freedom from by god.

And here a biggest fear more than the raping fear begins, and Hope will be simple as life they will live among the walls of the cold dorm, Where hope have to be a beautiful dream, and the will flocking on oneiromancy with one of the oldest boring detainees, or when her shoe turns over each other, and you’ll hear then the frequently phrase “you’ll go out soon, don’t you see how its overturned?!”.

And the last hopes was when the jailers allows visits, within a near swap, and then wondering begins, (whose her name will be within the swapping ?, and how many detainees will go out acording to the new deal ?).

Wihtout forgetting their heartbreak during the farewells of released detainees, which they lived with her together under a hard circumstances, an imposed circumstances by the Injustice and also by the war reality, which they tested it with its easy and difficult times.

The detainees still beautiful and rebels, no matter how long the constraint or increased pain.

Yasmiena Binneshi – Turkey

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