“Fawaz Al Rawi” the Fox of ISIS Regulation, In Bukamal.

by admindiaa


“Exclusive” Euphrates Post

ISIS regulation seeked from the first period of its control in DeirEzzor province in the year 2014, to dominate all the financial sources, like agriculture, trade, gas & oil and taxes, by local capitals or war’s dealers.

In Bukamal city, a business called “Fawaz Al Rawi” with some of his cousins the owners of “The golden Series” shops, has emerged as the most supporters of ISIS with money and weapons and informations, within a transactions and mutual interests, to the detriment of locals of the city’s civilians, “Al Rawi” a 45-year-old who find a valuable catch in Bukamal when he entered the city during the chaos period, was working within “Hanifa Exchange” Co. which its main headquartered located in Aleepo city.

while maintaining his strong connections with some powerful personalities inside regime’s corridors in Damascus, where he began to make his fortune through his relationships with some of “Nusra” princes whom gave him a privileges inside the city and its surroundings, while he was working in oil trading and smuggling from Iraq, through financing a huge transactions to several smugglers in accordance with a deal, dominating to him a lion’s share.

Al Rawi draw closer by his relatives to some of the most influential Nusra princes and chieftains, then he started the period of advancement and worked in weapon trading from Syrian north to DeirEzzor ind its surroundings, to become the owner of patronage in the Finance Committee in Nusra in that period of time, early perceptible about the near control of ISIS regulation on DeirEzzor through its connection with some princes in ISIS and secretly persuades a princes inside Nusra as feras Salman and other free Army brigades and then they announced “Bay’a” to the regulation to declare already betray them to free army and pledge allegiance to ISIS later.

The regulation entered Bukamal and find out that there was no resistance so they extend its control over the city, due to the regulation’s cells constitutes a significant proportion in the city, but “Fawaz Al Rawi” became so near to the most powerful ISIS leaders and provides them with the dictates of the interests of capital and information on any party can reach him through the extensive ties.

But the regulation’s members arrested him in the last May, after a financial dispute between them, then they released him after two months inside their prisons, after the settlement of financial issues, and then he returned to his activities stronger than before and with the support of the largest pre-regulation.

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