“ISIS” lose prominent leaders by Intelligence operations .. And “AL-JAMAL” most prominent

by admindiaa


Iraqi intelligence managed to arrest five leaders of the first rank in the “ISIS” after being lured and arrested inside Iraqi territory.
“The National Intelligence Service arrested five leaders ISIS from Syria and arrested them inside Iraq,” state television said in an emergency broadcast on Wednesday.
A videotape presented by Iraqi media showed the confessions of the five leaders, headed by Amer al-Rafdan, the former governor of Deir Ezzor, the so-called “state of AL-kahir,” Abu Zeid al-Iraqi, deputy leader of the state organization, That these confessions have played a prominent role in the implementation of air attacks inside Syria during the past few days.
The testimony of detainees from the organization’s leaders, according to the tape, focused on the reality of the “state organization” in the recent period, and the recent divisions that it is experiencing after losing most of the lands it previously controlled.
Saddam Omar al-Jamal or Saddam al-Rakhita, one of the most prominent leaders in the organization and its security policies and military approach, is expected to have the greatest influence on elements of the organization in the remaining areas under Syrian control.
Al-jamal, nicknamed “Abu Uday al-Jamal” (40 years) from the town of Albukamal in the eastern suburb of Deir al-Zour, worked before the beginning of the Syrian revolution as an arms smuggler and tobacco between Iraq and Syria.
With the start of the Syrian revolution, Al-jamal joined the ranks of the Free Syrian Army, and was one of the founders of the “brigade of Allah Akbar” in the city of Albukmal, and leaders of brigades “descendants of the Prophet”
And played a prominent role in the control of the city of Bou Kamal and expelled the regime forces of them in 2012,Then disagreements broke out Between him and the “Nusra”,
To kill three of his brothers during the battles he fought against the “Nusra”, which generated a fierce hostility between him and the Nusra.
ALJAMAL went back to the Hasaka countryside, where it secretly declared its loyalty to the ISIS, and forced many of its commanders loyal to the organization,
He then returned to the city of Albukamal, to escape before the organization’s control of the city to the “T2” and announce with a number of its elements public loyalty.
Saddam stormed the city of Albuqamal later accompanied by the “Organization of the State”, and killed a large number of fighters of the Nusra and the Free Army, and carried out field executions without trial for a large part of these fighters,
In addition to the removal of a number of prisoners from the city of Boukmal from the prisons of “Nusra”, and then kidnapped a number of them again and executed them later.
When the ISIS finally took control of the city of Boukmal, Jamal was appointed Emir of the Euphrates State Intelligence and then settled in the city to initiate retaliation and arrest of all those who had preceded him or his former followers.
Saddam al-Jamal is close to the leaders of the “ISIS” such as the governor of the Euphrates “Abu Anas al-Iraqi” and the leaders “Mahmoud Matar and Al-Haddawi,” and Wali “Wilayat al-Khair” Amir Al-Riffdan.
Jamal did not participate in the recent battles of the organization with the regime and its allies, because of his position of intelligence intelligence in Deir al-Azur, and the fact that the organization is keen not to endanger its security leaders during the battles.
During the recent battles against the regime in the city of Albu Kamal,
Al-jamal escape to the Sousse area, where he continued his fight there against SDF in the eastern bank of the Euphrates River near the town of Shaafa. A number of SDF elements were executed there and distortion their bodies .
As for the other leader who was arrested by the Iraqi intelligence with al-Jamal, he is known as “Abu Saif al-Shu’aiti”,from of the village of Al-Kashkiya, and participated under the leadership of Saddam Jamal in the storming of the Shuitat in 2014,His role was limited to guidance as a member of the region and to his prior knowledge of all the houses of Shuaitat and was one of the mentors of executions and liquidation. And a reward for what he did during the massacre of Shuaiteh was the emir of the “Organization of the State” in Shuaitat.


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