“DeirEzzor” two years of tight besiege against civilians

by admindiaa

“Exclusive Euphrates Post” Falls on the second year of ISIS and Regime forces imposed besiege on DierEzzor neighborhoods, where more than 100,000 civilians languishing there in Jura, Qusour, Harabish & Jafra neighborhoods, under a tight besiege alternates by ISIS regulation from a side and Regime forces from the other side. Living Conditions: The crisis deepens in those neighborhoods day after a day, Um Muhamed a housewife of seven person family, her husband is one of the martyrs of Jura massacre, says to Euphrates Post that she stays for almost two or three days without food until some of their family friends come and presents a few pieces of bread, while her 10 years old daughter died after Regime forces rejected to allow her to go out of the besieged neighborhoods towards Damascus to wash her kidneys, and when we asked her about the humanitarian aids of the UN periodically, she answer in the local accent “if you don’t have a relatives or some friend in the National Defense or Shabieha forces won’t see anything” means that only Regime forces and its militias are responsible for those aids distribution by favoritism. The Death Shells: More than 400 martyr most of them of children and women were died since the beginning of the besiege, under after ISIS regulation targetted them using mortars, which launched almost daily towards the besieged neighborhoods, and when Regime forces shelling ISIS controlled areas by air forces or rokets launchers, civilians of Jura and Qusour directly will be waiting for ISIS reaction, and they shelter in their basements or in their houses, but crying to the moon the death is inevitably, as Euphrates Post documented also more than limbs amputation all of them was under the tenth age. War Merchants: As for the crossings smuggling and the entry of goods and aids to Jura and Qusour, it sold in the black market by two ways, the first way through the humanitarian aids which supposed to be distributed to civilians in the neighborhoods for free, Regime forces with the militias saling it for specific merchants then it sold in the markets to civilians. The second road and water crossing in the village of El Geneina in the countryside of the western DeirEzzor and agreement between elements of national defense and the elements of ISIS regulation through a mediator with relatives in the organization the intervention of materials or cattle besieged neighborhoods are sold in the market and prices. Diseases and Medical Situation: forces control system on all the requirements of life in the besieged neighborhoods even medicine available in the military hospital only no civilians only during the injuries as a result of mortar shells fired by organizing داعش palliative medicines children milk anti-inflammation drugs are available in the warehouses and the health of the system but all give civilians only after consulting the leaders of the regime and his militia. This is the time for spread of many diseases such as scabies and lice hepatitis and spread of diseases prepared puerperal infections, Midnight Blindness, osteoporosis because of loss of vegetables and fruits

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