A hard conflict in Deir Ezzor, and “Checkmate” possible

by admindiaa

“Exclusive”Euphrates Post

Our correspondent knew that a heated row between Regime leaders and National Defence militias happened after the last one suggest contacting with ISIS regulation, to open a safe passages between the neighborhoods of Jura and Qusour with Harabish, under the aim of evacuating civilians, after the regulation cut the linking way between those areas during the last clashes, which still on going until the moment in the Tombs region south-western the province.

On the other hand Euphrates Post sources said that the so-called Firas AlJhaam (Firas Al Iraqiya) the leader of National Defence militias in DeirEzzor, had communicated since three days with a military commanders from ISIS regulation, using a mediator living in Jura neighborhood and working in tobacco trading, called “Um Theyab” and she’s a relative of “Amer Al Rafdaan’s” the most famous former commander of ISIS in the province, and she’s smuggling tobacco almost daily from the river passages, under the knowledge of Regime leaders and the prince of Jneana in ISIS regulation, our reporter says also that there’s an intention to give several controlled areas by Regime to the regulation during the few next days, using various ways like withdrawal or defecting towards ISIS controlled areas.

Noteworthy that it’s not th first time of coordinating between the two sides, where the Republican Guard soldiers had expelled the National Defence fighters previously from their points in Assad Hospital, after ISIS regulation controlled the the area before several months.

On the other hand Euphrates Post reporter said that the black trade had burgeoned between ISIS and National Defence militias, through Jneana river crossing since two years ago, after the regulation besieged civilians in Jura, Qusour and Harabish neighborhoods.

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