“ISIS controlled areas” Coming siege, Civilians waiting for worst

by admindiaa

“Exclusive” #Euphrates_Post

While battles intensified in AlBab city in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, stock exchange rates recorded a high level of buying and selling food goods within ISIS controlled areas in the two provinces of Raqqa and DeirEzzor.

The regulation’s regions seems that it will face a hard siege knocking doors, especially after the new progress of #Euphrates_Shield forces which supported by #Turkey, from the western side of Raqqa province, and another progress by #Democratic_Syria_forces from north, and also from the eastern side exactly in Mosul where the battle seems to be there in the last hours even if it was at the economic level, as for the southern side and after ISIS controlled #Palmyra lately, all the roads which leading to the area had been almost severed for goods.

Prices within reulation’s regions imposed itself strongly, with a few of merchants controlling the abundant goods!

Here’s a list in the rates of some goods in the markets of Myadein, Bukamal, Western Countryside “Jazera”:

– Egg tray                          1700 SP

– 1Kg of Chicken meat       1200 SP

– 1Kg of Sugar                   500 SP

– 1Kg of Tomato paste       900 SP

– 3 Liters of Sun flower oil  3000 SP

– 50Kg of flour bag            1300 SP

– 1 loaf of Bread                 50 SP

Noteworthy that the civilians whom living within ISIS controlled areas suffering of poverty due to the outage of livelihood ways and the stoppage of almost work fields, which ebbed significantly only in oil sector, which has become a popular work of many people, but this work barely enough to eat.

As the unemployment primary rate estimates of the civilians of ISIS areas pointing to over 85%, add to the migration of more than 60% of locals towards outside the regulation’s areas fleeing from killing under pretext of “Infidelity or apostasy” or due to the continuous and daily shelling on the regulation’s controlled areas

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