So-called “Womanly Hisba” begins working in South cutter

by admindiaa

“Exclusive” Euphrates Post

Women exposed to a lot of harassment in the province of DeirEzzor estern Syria, within ISIS controlled areas, most of these harassments by the regulation’s members especially by “Hisba apparatus” where its one of the most important apparatus which the regulation depends on to impose its control and its dread on civilians in the region.

And there’s a lot of violations of “Hisba” members comitted against civilians “Shamelessly”.

One of the activists said to Euphrates Post that: he saw Hisba members whipping a girl was walking with her mother in Sbeakhan city market, just because she revealed her eyes through the veil, and there’s a lot of other violations by those members almost daily, especially aginst women, without any moral deterrent bridleth their power.

In the same context, ISIS regulation began from the first of this month, began preparing a “womanly Hisba” in the southern cutter, which includes the eastern countryside of Quria village, Dowair Shamiya through Shuaitat Jazera, this team began its working in the region using a big bus carrying 8 members of ISIS women leading them Moroccan personnel, and also the wife of “Abu Omair AlMaghriby” and she’s serving as the prince of Womanly Hisba.

This womanly team raided markets and Internet cafes, in addition to arresting any women who commits a legitimacy Infraction, for example violating the legitimacy wear which imposed by the regulation.

Sbeakhan city experienced a several arresting campaigns against the city women, under the pretext of showing their eyes through vail, and the fine penalty reached (6000 SP) for the women whom violating for the first time.

This continues violations against women in DeirEzzor by ISIS regulation security apparatus without any deterrent, considering this behavior as the imposition of Islamic Sharia and Sunnah

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