Fighters of ISIS arrives with their families from Iraq to Deir Ezzor countryside and Raqqa

by admindiaa

“Exclusive Euphrates Post”. With the approaches of Mosul battle, fighters of ISIS began entering with their families from Iraq to their controlled areas in Syria, a dozens of buses and vehicle also had been arrived to the eastern and western countryside of DeirEzzor, while another warriors went to Raqqa

ISIS also informed it’s security commanders to search for all the houses which belongs to the Free Syrian Army personnels and civilians whom living outside ISIS controlled areas For distributing it on these emigrant fighters. and we have documented some of these cases in Mayadeen City and its perimeter and the western countryside also, while ISIS ejected it’s local personnels from their houses in Raqqa and gave it to the arrival fighters whom came from Iraq a few days ago

In the same context ISIS transporting its security commanders and personnels from DeirEzzor and Raqqa to the Syrian desert and then to Iraq

قد يعحبك أيضاً

دع تعليقاً

ياستخدامك لهذا النموذج أنت توافق على حفظ بيناتك في هذا الموقع

هذا الموقع يستخدم ما يسمى الكوكيز لتأمين أفضل خدمة لكم في زيارتكم لموقعنا، معظم المواقع الكبرى تستخدخ هذه التقنية موافق قراءة المزيد

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