ISIS arrests a hundreds of Deir Ezzor sons for unknown reasons

by admindiaa


“Exclusive Euphrates Post”-The security apparatus of ISIS arrests more than 250 person in Deir Ezzor city and its countryside For unknown reasons, this campaign began in the western countryside exactly in Muheimida four days ago, where ISIS security apparatus personnel raided six houses exactly at two o’clock at night, all of them are former fighters belonging to Free Syrian Army whom undergone to repentance period. The campaign extended later to Al Hsaan, Hussainya & Hawaij Bu Musa’a Villages

In last sunday ISIS personnels arrested more than 35 person from Deir Ezzor City by raiding their houses in broad daylight, most of them are also former fighters in the Free Syrian Army or Fateh-AlSham-Front whom left fighting when ISIS occupied the region in 2014, ISIS arrested another eight persons in the next day

The eastern countryside hadn’t been safe also where arresting campaign began in Al Salhiya, Marratt & Hatala villages and expanded to Khsham and Jadeed Bagara, and began also this morning in the capitals like Mayadeen, Ashara & Bukamal

“militarily” clashes still ongoing between regime forces and its militias towards ISIS on the fronts of Tharda Mountains, the southern gate of the city, Al Bughailya surroundings and finally in Deir Ezzor Military Airport. Regime warplanes also targeted Al Bsera bridge and a civil hospital in Jadeed Ugaidat village, and there’s a number of injuries among civilians

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