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ISIS Controlled Areas,Dying by “Shelling, Executing or Kidnapping”

by admindiaa

“Exclusive” Euphrates Post

Russian long term launcher warplanes of the style Tu-22m3 launched several air raids on the eastern countryside of DeirEzzor, nd that was yesterday after noon, Russian Defense Ministry says that:the Russian air forces targeted a Headquarters and ammunition depots of ISIS regulation in the region.

Euphrates Post knew that the launchers targeted an oil tanks in the desert of Shuaitat, using more than 10 rokets and burned it completly, we also knew from our special sources that there’s ten anonymously corpse in the location, the regulation immediately imposed a security cordon on all the targeted areas, and closed the internet cafes also yesterday evening friday.

The air raids was after Friday’s prayer, began in Mayadein city while targeting the Forages building, Informatics and the sport hall nearby the Granaries, which caused the destruction of a lot of civilians houses, Euphrates Post documented aldo the martyrdom of one civilian in the coty.

On the other hand, ISIS executed the youth “Ayesh Khalaf Al Rajab Al Kalkush” in the last period in Iraq, under the charge of dealing with Kurdish militias “as the regulation’s members said”.

As another corpse found for the youth “Hameed Hasan Al Fashal” near to the nothern enterance of DeirEzzor city, in Al Salhiya village, after kidnapping him by anonymous before several days, and he was one of weapons merchants whom working with the ISIS regulation.

Noteworthy that the regulation intensified during the last few days its security roadblocks in the villages of Gharaneij, Al Kishkeya and Abu Hamam for unknown reasons

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