DeirEzzor is a victim of media marginalization again, and a pens of new journalists

by admindiaa

“Exclusive Euphrates Post” British Independent newspaper had been written an article due its official website and talked about DeirEzzor province, under the last frost and snow waves, under the title of “Refugees Northern Syria and Iraq suffering after the last snowfall, the first time from almost quarter of a century “.

And of course the reader can see easily the big mistake of this essay directly after reading the title, and how DeirEzzor Media marginalized by the whole media towards the province, where the writer began his essay with a false title, when he said that “DeirEzzor located in northern Syria”, as well as he used to say that “DeirEzzor located northern Syria”, and also he said the “immigrants” which was a wrong description, because the term of “Immigration” called only on groups of civilians fleeing from their areas to another areas inside the same state, while DeirEzzor civilians considered as a locals.

He added also that DeirEzzor province “The arid province, which is mostly desert, gets barely any rain and some areas had not seen snowfall in more than a quarter of a century” which reflecting his lack of knowledgeable in DeirEzzor’s geography and history, which is one of the best cities in organizational terms, and its facilities services, and also includes al lot of cities like: Bukamal, Mayadeen, Ashara, Quriya, Muhasan, Suhail and Bseyra.

While the agricultural lands covers a significant portion of the province areas, due to the passage of the Euphrates River across it, and therefore it’s soil fertility, where the province was producing until 2011 the biggest the syrian agricultural crops, contrary to description of the article’s writer when he said: “arid province.”

The author has occurred in the same mistake again, but this time when he said “displaced Yazidis”, trying to explains about those ethnic minority in northwestern Iraq, when he said: “The snow has also complicated relief efforts across the border in northern Iraq, where thousands of displaced Yazidis near Singar are dealing with unprecedented snow while living in refugee tents”, then he contradicts himself by saying again:”before the town was liberated by Kurdish peshmerga forces in November 2015″.

The newspaper concluded its article by making a biggest blunders, when deepened in describing the “Yazidi ethnic minority” as a comprehensive religion includes the religons of “Islam, Christian and Jewish” And, of course, never doubt that Islam is not related to any link to Yazidis, the thing that raises many questions about the reasons of this published articles and booting for this ideas, and promotion of such misconceptions.

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