ISIS Increased the executions against civilians in the last period

by admindiaa

“Exclusive” Euphrates Post After the beginning of Mosul battle and the progress by Democratic-Syria-Forces in the surroundings of Raqqa city, and after the battles of Euphrates Shield in the Syrian north, ISIS regulation followed a policy exactly like their policy when began to control the cities in Syria and Iraq two years ago. Where noteworthy in the last period that the regulation increased the execution operations which done secretly or in public, or even through the regulation’s visual versions, the Iraqi city of Mosul occupies the first place, where the number of people whom executed by ISIS regulation under the pretext of violating them reached more than 50 person, four of them are women and another three were children, and most of them were executed under the pretext of “apostasy” or dealing with Unti-ISIS organisations. As for the second place, was for Raqqa city where the regulation executed more than 20 person, most of them were executed under the charge of dealing outsider militias, or smuggling civilians outside the controlled areas by ISIS. While the regulation also executed 12 person in Al Bab city in Aleppo countryside, most of them were executed under the charge of smuggling civilians towards FSA controlled areas for a sums of money, and olso 8 person in DeirEzzor were executed under several charges, such as cursing religion and communicating with #New_Syrian_Army, and other pretexts. And there’s a reports says that the security commanders of ISIS executed a dozens of detainees in the surroundings of Koniko gasfield, in the eastern countryside of DeirEzzor even without a prosecution or judgment, for unknown reasons. This huge number of executions against civilians in the controlled areas by ISIS, due to the regulation’s will to practice pressure on civilians, and beating with an iron fist to prevent losing the control inside the regulation’s areas, especially in this critical time where the regulation retreats several places.

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