ISIS Retreating, new capital possible

by admindiaa

“Exclusive” Euphrates Post:

After ISIS regulation lost the strategic city of Palmyra, with its important road, as well as the last losses in the eastern Qalamoun, and also after the recent progress of DSF towards Raqqa, and the consecutive losses in Mosul with the Syrian desert.

A close to ISIS sources confirmed to Euphrates Post that the regulation intent to announce one of the cities of DeirEzzor eastern Syria as a new capital of the regulation, according to the emergency changes which happened within their controlled regions.

The regulation transferred most of the important leaders with their families from Raqqa and mosul to DeirEzzor and its countryside, and oslo to Bukamal and its villages, while in the last few days many families of ISIS fighters from several nationalities arrived to the province due to the losses of a lot of regions like AlBab, Khafsa, and the fighters whom fleed from Deir Hafer.

The regulation seeking to secure their borders in DeirEzzor, by attacking Regime forces which controls just 17% in the city with the military airport in the province, and if ISIS fighters would control the whole province, and if they expelled Regime, perhaps they will chose Myadeen city 50Km eastern DeirEzzor city as a new capital.

Several legitimacy officials in ISIS said during their speaches in mosques in Myadeen and Bukamal, that myadeen is the best place due to its strategic vital site, where it considered the linking point of what the regulation call “Kheyr and Furat states”, and its proximity to oil sources and the of AlOmar oilfield and Koneko Gasfield.

The Battle of Al-Raqqa, which started the coalition and its allies on the ground, knocks its war drums and the battle of Mosul, which is nearing its end after its fifth month. These battles will determine the shape and structure of the organization in the next few years.

And only one question left:

Until when this fake Caliphate still without capital? and could DeirEzzor will be the the next capital? or its will be as they booted fo Dabeq previously in Aleppo, and then they flee? the aunser will be clear soon.

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