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Russian aviation commits massacre in Swar region

by admindiaa

“Exclusice” #Euphrates_Post

Russian warplanes commits this after noon appalling massacre in the region of Swar in the eastern countryside of DeirEzzor province, killed a dozens of martyres and caused another number of casualties.

In the details #EP_Reporter said that the warplanes launched two raids on grouping of an internal transfering vehicles, and those vehicles was transfering civilians between nearby the province’s rural areas, and its parking was near to the town enterance.

Immediately 10 civilians were died, while people there didn’t identified them, due to their charred bodies, the air raids left more than 30 casualty, most of them were transfered to the hospitals of Mayadein and Bukamal.

On the other hand Regime’s warplanes targeted a primitive oil refineries in each deserts of Mayadein and Bugrus by several air raids, and no news yet about the material losses or casualities, while in the city battle fields this warplanes targeted also the neighborhoods of Rushdeya, Jbeila with the region of Tombs, which controlled recently by ISIS.

This shelling concurrently with living conditions which the province facing, while the commercial roads outage of use, between the Syrian north areas with the province, due to the recent clashes in Al Bab city, and also the due to the new Iraqi arrivals whom escaped of the battles in Mosul and those became a hundreds now

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