Sons of DeirEzzor begins a civilians protection campaign, but “Hidden hands” obstructs

by admindiaa
  Euphrates Post
After the increasing number of massacres in DeirEzzor by all the parties against civilians, especially in the recent period after the decision of the
last truce which excluded the areas of the control of the ISIS, sons of DeirEzzor from from intellectuals, doctors, lawyers, engineers and activists created a group to discuss this matter, and to launch a cry may deviate civilians of the massacres.

An after several days of discussion finally more than 260 Mr. and Mrs from DeirEzzor signed on a petition included 38 event, under their own names, they signed a statement asking for neutralizing civilians by all the warring parties in the province, following is the text of the statement wıth the signatures, with the statement links through Avaz website:

After that, the unanimous agreement to vote on the hashtag: #On_The_Shores_of_Death to begen a campaign does not exclude anyone from DeirEzzor sons, and before an hours from the beginning announcement, “Justic for life in DeirEzzor” observatory followed by DeirEzzor 24 organization left the campaign for unknown reasons, while other foundations began a campaigns aims to present a humanitarian aids for the refugees in the Syrian north.

But in spite of all the efforts by those hidden hands to derail the efforts of the province sons, #On_The_Shores_of_Death campaign swept social media websites in its first hours, and it will continue until achieving its targets.

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