“AlShuaity” one of their new dead, IA creating new methods of killing ISIS.

by admindiaa

“Exclusive” Euphrates Post

Our correspondent in the eastern countryside said that: an International Alliance plane without pilot targeted the so-called “Abdulraqqak Isa AlAbd AlKahlat” who nick named “Abu Ali AlShuaity” after he went outside his house which nearby AlKishkya village, using homing at 7 o’clock of tuesday 25 April 2017, and that blast led to his injurey then the locals transfered his to Myadein but he died before he arrived.

Abu Ali Al-Shuaity was born in 1987, in AlKeshkya village, began working as a activist within “Thwar AlShuaitat”, people knew his more when he went to Qusair in Homs province, to support rebles their under hte neme of “Usra Army”.

He began working with the so-called “Abu Saif AlShuaity” and “Jafar AlKhalefa”, then Usra Army jiond “Ahfad AlRasoul” brigades, and after ISIS attack against those brigades and against all their fighters also, then the terrorist leader “Sadam AlJamal” sent a message to each of (Abu Ali AlShuaity, Abu Saif AlShuaity and Jafar AlKhalefa) that if they wouldn’t give up they might be the next target of the regulation.

Abu Ali returns to DeirEzzor with the regulation’s legitimate man “Abu Musab AlTunesy” who was the fist man who put a roadblocks in Shuaitat region.

The owners of precedents in the robbery of the local people of the region with the organization and after the introduction of “dodder” and control over, and after ISIS regulation controlled all the region,  Abu Ali was avenges of all thae people whom was opposites him previously, Is the author of the famous sentence during the battle of “Shatiyat”: (I will make the drivers of the Shuayta blood).

And during Shuaitat battle he was helping activists (AlBattar ISIS Group) within their arristing campaigns against civilians, and he was targeted by the locals “Shuaitat Rebles) nearby AlMadhar mosque, but only “Rashied A;Khalaf” were killed one of the regulations fighters and the blast killed another.

Alshuaity injured due to an accident in his legs and he was under treatment for almost a year in Bukamal, he was also one of the fighters whom was collecting shildren, he handed over lists of those who fought the organization in the region, many of whom were executed on the ground or are still unaccounted for.

It is worth mentioning that the name “Abdul Razzaq al-Abd al-Kahlat” nicknamed “Abu Ali al-Shu’aiti” .. Studied (Arabic literature) at (Baath University) in the city of “Homs” and worked as a pre-revolutionary teacher in addition to the profession of shaving.

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