Al-Golani …….”backwards turn “.

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Suddenly and without warning, Abu Muhammad al-Jolani, leader of , Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (“Organization for the Liberation of the Levant” or “Levant Liberation Committee”)came out speaking for the Syrians opposing him,Criticizing the work of the “Jabhat al-Nusra”, which was later worn by the name (Tahrir al-Sham), without any significant change in policy and approach.
It is said that the ” backwards turn” is related to militarization, and the military knows him more than others, because in the science of militarization,When the soldiers in a queue reach a certain area that is prohibited or dangerous, the instruction that will be issued by their commander, asking him to walk immediately in the opposite direction, is: Backward turn.
Al-Joulani admitted today, in an interview with the “Crisis Group” website, that he had committed mistakes in Idlib,Especially what is related to them by attacking opposition Syrian factions, withdrawing heavy weapons from them and expelling them from areas they controlled, perhaps surprising many Syrians, whether loyal to him or his opponents, But in reality it did not surprise us, as far as it exceeded the limits of our expectations, by showing it adherence to the seat and position and the war trade – in a way that the enemy and the friend did not imagine – even if it was on the remains of the Syrians, and his soldiers,Or the price was his reputation and principles that he always bragged about, and he and his loyalists attacked, Anyone who disagrees with and criticizes it, or even a neutral position.
“Mujahideen Army”, “Thuwar al-Sham”, “Nour al-Din al-Zanki” movement, “Ahrar al-Sham”, Suqour al-Sham, the Syrian Revolutionaries ’Front, and the 13th Division, are among the military factions that have been affected by the hand of al-Golani, The latter’s transgressions exceeded militarization, to include also the work of the humanitarian organizations that he fought against yesterday,And today he declares his readiness to return it and facilitate its work in Idlib. Without providing convincing reasons about the previous situation yesterday, and the subsequent opposite of it,
Al-Jolani appeared to us today as a regret for some of his crimes. Perhaps what exceeds the crime of fighting factions and ending it in this context is a case that is not visible.
 It did not take its right from the spotlight, and thousands of minors were recruited under religious, national and regional slogans. Unfortunately, the governorates of Deir Al-Zour included the largest number of victims, according to what we were able to document in a collective work that took years.
Euphrates Post information confirms the killing of more than 4 thousand Syrian children, adolescents, adolescents and minors over the years of the war, under the banner of “Nusra” and “Tahrir al-Sham”, by throwing them into losing battles, and fighting opposition factions and “the Islamic State”.
What is remarkable today is that the rapid jogging of Golani, the claim of being far from the far right, and the wearing of the dress of moderation, did not include remorse for what he did and was committed by his faction,
 In addition, he put forward slogans, statements, and principles contradicting his actions and statements in the past, to include this coup contradicting fatwas, which were previously among the tools that thousands of people who were deceived by their lives paid, and were among the reasons that led the Syrians to what they are now.
Al-Golani today, according to his latest version, does not speak of “the conquest of Damascus” and “the occupation of Rome”, but rather removes the adjective “The pro-Crusader apostate army” that he has long been keen to attach to the Turkish army, Before we see him today repudiating her, in a series of concessions it seems that the coming days will bear more of them

BY: Ahmed Ramadan  Director and founder of Euphrates Post And the Euphrates Center.

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