ISIS Arresting its Military Official of Logistics on the Airport Front

by admindiaa


A few days ago ISIS regulation’s members arrested “Usama Al Deiry” who nicknamed “Abu Qusay Al Shamy” under the charge of Involving in theft works in the regulation’s arms depots, which supplying the military airport front and its surroundings with medium and light ammunition.

Then they transported him to the security commander’s prison in Mayadein City, with other several ISIS personnel whom knows about this thefts or his partners in the same case, and we’ve recieved a certain informations says that “Al Deiry” is in a health critical due the torturing that he faced by the regulation’s jailors.

Al Deiry descended origin from Bu Amr village in the eastern countryside of DeirEzzor near to the military airport, and his family one of the most supporting families for ISIS in the region, where he has six brothers all of them are inside the regulation’s ranks.

The first “Fadil Al Deiry” one of ISIS security commanders in the eastern countryside, the second “Zahir Al Deiry” the regulation’s radio official in Mayadein, the third “Muneir Al Deiry” the official of trafic police and traffic control in the city, the fourth “Sameir Al Deiry” was previously a reporter on the military airport front, and then he went to Mayadein to be a security commander, the fifth “Uday Al Deiry” one of the second-hand furniture merchants in the city and accused of looting crimes against civilians in the villages of the eastern countryside and saling it in Mayadein, while the sixth brother “Laith Al Deiry” who left the regulation in the last year and escaped to Germany.

Al Shamy’s uncle “Eid Al Deiry” takes a position of public relations prince in Al Kier State and Al Furat State, and he’s accused of murder crimes during ISIS regulation entered the region, above all of thais he’s one of pro-ISIS supporters before the regulation appearance in DeirEzzor.

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