The “Reda militia” is the largest “Shiite” military faction in Syria

by admindiaa

The success of Hezbollah was an organizational example of the armed Shiite organizations and became a source of inspiration for them. Yiran followed the model that she used in Iraq to establish Hezbollah in Syria.
While calling on the Shiite militias in Syria to embrace the ideology of the “mandate of the jurist” loyal to the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, Ali Khamenei on the political, social and religious.
Where the proportion of Shi’a Twth in Homs, about 50% of the total number of Shiites in Syria, about 300 thousand people across Syria.
As the beginning of the peaceful movement in Syria, the Assad regime armed the villages and the upper and Shiite neighborhoods to confront the Syrian peaceful movement. Asad played a role in fueling sectarianism to confront the popular movement. These groups were known by the Assad regime as the so-called Popular Committees, Shiite militias to Syria.
The Al-Rida militia was formed with the beginning of the Syrian peaceful movement in 2011, within the popular committees in Homs province of villages and neighborhoods with a Shiite majority in the region, founded and announced by the Iranian Brigadier Husein Hamdani who was killed in the Syrian city of Aleppo in October 2015.
As the militia was the nucleus of the formation of the “Syrian Hezbollah”, which announced the formation of Iran led by Brigadier General Hussein Hamdani, similar to the Lebanese Hezbollah in Lebanon.
The forces of the Reda are concentrated in the villages of the villages of Homs, which number about 50 villages, the most important of which are Umm al-Amad, Umm Jibat and Umm Jneinat. These villages constitute an important human resource in supporting the militias in fighting. In which Hezbollah officially entered the Lebanese-Syrian border.
While the number of elements of “forces of satisfaction” about 21 thousand fighters, instead of officers and leaders belonging to both the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and the Lebanese Hezbollah are taking from the city of the short as their main location.
The militia is taking its decisions in areas of control of its joint leadership between leaders of the Lebanese Hezbollah and Iranian advisers in Syria “
The Lebanese “Hezbollah” is responsible for organizing, training and arming the “forces of satisfaction” and derives its material support from Iran, which in turn stood behind its formation directly “
“The Assad regime uses these militias to break the arsenals in a situation forced to approve them under Russian pressure, as that militia is an independent party in the conflict, but it supports the Assad regime in one way or another on different fronts of fighting with the opposition forces”
What distinguishes the forces of satisfaction from other Shiite militias that most of its fighters are Syrian Shiites, and those forces have participated in many battles alongside the Syrian regime and the Lebanese Hezbollah in different parts of Syria, the most recent battles in the country of Hama, during which the Al-Rida militia many of its elements .
The militia also lost many of the leaders during the battles with the opposition forces, most notably Brigadier General Hussein Hamdani, who was killed in the countryside of Aleppo, and was called Iranian media on February 4, 2016, that is about six months after his death.
As the forces of dissatisfaction spread and take the same offices and recruitment offices in (Hazmieh – Sabtit – farm – Zarzuriyya – Abbasid – villages), and made the city of the short training camp under the supervision of Iranian experts and Lebanese.
And the Al-Reza militia forces the displaced to the city of Homs to join their ranks by threatening sometimes and the other times with funds instead of withdrawing them for compulsory recruitment with the army of the Assad regime. “
The Al-Reda militia controls the chain of command in Homs by its Lebanese and Iranian leaders following the escape of the Alawites from the city of Homs as a result of the battles and explosions targeting Homs . The militia operates most of the operating rooms along the seam lines with the Syrian opposition forces in various areas,
The Al-Reda forces in Syria took the model of the Lebanese Hezbollah and used the city of Al-Qusayr to plant the drug “hashish”. Most of the supporters of the Reda forces and the popular committees were famous for the drug trade.
The Redha militia is one of the most “brutal” forces in the city of Homs, according to activists, where the groups used to kidnap and robbery, armed robberies, and the trade of headdresses as well as theft from the areas under control.and its countryside

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