The daily summary of Euphrates Post July 6, 2019

by admindiaa


General situation:

Asayish, a self-management organization, issued a statement forbidding motorcycle roaming in the city of Qamishli from 8pm every day until 6 am.

The Red Cross has warned of a disaster in the camps under the control of the SDF in eastern Syria, describing it as “catastrophic” and calling on states to return the women and children of the ISIS elements.

Field Situation:

According to private sources for Furat Post, the arrival of military equipment consisting of rubber boats and ferries through the cargo aircraft and helicopter of the International Alliance to the base of the field of oil in the past few days, and installed surveillance cameras developed in the vicinity of the base.

A coalition convoy of international coalition forces, as well as heavy machinery (bulldozer, two bulldozers) entered the camp of the town of El Bagouz.

The sources confirmed to Euphrates Post, the International Alliance to open the door to join the ranks of the Netf near the Syrian-Jordanian-Jordanian border in order to enhance the capabilities of the military alliance in the desert, and will be subject to new members of military courses in Jordan, Border with Jordan and Iraq in the desert of Hammad, southeast of the Syrian province of Homs, 240 km from the city of Palmyra.

To the north of Syria, the death toll in the Idlib countryside has risen to 18, including seven children and four women, over the last 24 hours as a result of the bombing of Al-Assad’s planes and helicopters on residential neighborhoods in the village of Hambal, in rural Idlib.

Economic situation:

The value of the Syrian Pound against the US dollar in Deir Al-Zour, recorded the dollar today

Buy $ 1=600 Selling $ 1=598.

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