The daily summary of Euphrates Post July 1, 2019

by admindiaa

                                                                                                       :General situatio 
Euphrates Post announced the monthly statistical forecast for the martyrs of Deir Ezzor during the month of June.

Euphrates Post reported that the Euphrates River in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor has increased for the first time during the summer in a video published by Furat Post through its social networking platforms.

The outbreak of fires in agricultural crops in the cities of Raqqa and Deir Ezzor, one of which reached the camp of Mahmudli for displaced people where the people try to serve the fire with primitive means and equipment.

The Jezira areas in the eastern countryside of Deir al-Zour also saw helicopter flights of the International Alliance.

The PYD self-administration transferred the Tuehina refugee camp to the western suburb of tabkka city, to Mahmudli camp, 13 km north of the city for unknown reasons. The old Tuwehina camp is located about 35 km west of the Euphrates, The new Mahmudli camp, which will be relocated, is located 13 km north of the hill and 7 km east of the Euphrates River and was established by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

The correspondent of Furat Post said that Lieutenant Ahmad al-Khader, the official of the river crossings, was killed along with two other members of the military security of the Assad regime after armed clashes among them yesterday at the Hawaij Shamia crossing near the town of Ayash Tahtani in the western countryside of Deir al-Zour, because of their dispute over the sharing of financial imports Of the crossing.

                                                                                                      :Field Situation
ISIS issued a statement stating that it adopted a targeting of a convoy of Assad forces in the area of Sokhna in the eastern countryside of the province of Homs, which resulted in the killing of 11 elements of the regime and the wounding of others, including the leader, “Mohammed Adel Dallah,” and the destruction of a number of mechanisms, including anti-aircraft 23 mm and other damage .

The Israeli army bombed several positions of Assad’s forces on Sunday night in both Damascus and Homs governorates. Media networks loyal to the Assad regime reported that Israeli-made rockets targeted the positions of Assad’s forces in the suburb of Qodsiya and jadida Arttoz, Of the Assad regime rockets over the skies of southwestern Damascus countryside, and Israeli missiles targeted the sites of the Assad regime in scientific research near Umm Haratin and the 84th Battalion and the insurance battalion southeast of Homs. Witnesses reported that civilian casualties in the area of Sahnaya and its surroundings as a result of volatilities Glass mannequins ZL against the backdrop of a powerful explosion occurred near the area and ambulances heading towards the place, on the other side of the fire from the axis of Jamraya and the sounds of successive explosions heard from there.

Firas, the commander of the national defense militias in Deir al-Zour, was severely beaten in the Joura neighborhood by members of the military security forces shortly after a military security officer rammed his car and was taken to hospital for severe head injuries. With a large mobilization in the headquarters of the National Defense Forces and the deployment of a number of vehicles carrying medium weapons and anti-ground and a curfew, and the arrival of a number of elements of the national defense from the city of Mayadeen to the neighborhood of Joura, and 10 elements of the military security branch and 4 elements of the militia The national defense was injured in the Jura district as a result The clashes that took place among them against the background of the injury of the commander of the National Defense Army Firas Iraqia last night.

                                                                                       :Economic situation
The value of the Syrian Pound against the US dollar in Deir Al-Zour, recorded the dollar today
Buy $ 1= 598 Selling $ 1 =605.

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