Daily Summary of Euphrates Post, July 4, 2019

by admindiaa

                                                                                                :General situation
The continued corruption, theft and thefts imposed on civilians by the Assad regime’s forces and militias while traveling from the rest of the Syrian governorates to the city of Deir Al-Zour and from there to Albukamal, where financial entitlements are imposed on passengers and food transport vehicles from Before those barriers.
A fire broke out this morning in a kitchen in the first section of Al-Houl camp east of Al-Hasakah, which led to the burning of 10 tents containing ISIS families and no human casualties.
SDF announced yesterday the formation of the Military Council of the city of Hasakeh, through a military ceremony in the city of Hasaka in the presence of military and political leaders of the tribe and some tribal leaders.
The eastern Aleppo countryside also witnessed an airborne flight platform of the International Alliance.
The residents of the village of Shamoka and the surrounding villages of the northern Hasakeh countryside, Hasaka road – Tel Tamir, in protest against the repeated incidents of run-off due to the speed of cars led by the elements of the People’s Protection units.
The HOL camp for displaced persons under the control of the SDF in rural Hasakeh lifted the curfew from the camp a day after it was imposed as a result of a knife stabbing by a woman accused of belonging to the ISIS against an Asayish element yesterday. The organizations that had evacuated its staff from the camp All day staff to camp.
The body of a girl was also found in her second unidentified contract lying next to the garbage collection opposite the school of Naeem al-Laji in the neighborhood of Ghiran in the city of Hasaka this morning.
According to our correspondent, a curfew was imposed in the town of Ayyash in the western suburb of Deir al-Zour, under the control of the Assad regime, as a result of an armed clash between the Nizar al-Kharfan group of the National Defense Forces and a group of military security near the radio building for unknown reasons.

                                                                                                          :Field Situation
“SDF” launched a raid on the oil smuggling terminals to the control areas of the Assad regime forces in the town of Abu Hardoub, where they confiscated a quantity of food and a number of barrels of diesel fuel for smuggling.
EUPHRATES Post reporter reported that an SDF member was shot dead by his colleagues after an armed clash broke out in the town of Thiban on the grounds of sharing four million Syrian pounds obtained from a smuggler transporting fuel and food from SDF control areas the lion .
As witnessed today the cities and towns of rural Idlib southern raids successive military aircraft of the Assad regime targeted the homes of civilians in rural Idlib South.

                                                                                          :Economic situation
The value of the Syrian Pound against the US dollar in Deir Al-Zour, recorded the dollar today
Buy $ 1=598 Selling $ 1= 600.

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