Corruption and violations with the blessing of “SDF” and the ALLIANCE turns a blind eye .. “Euphrates Post” opens Abu Khawla file

by editor

Euphrates Post continues to open files of war crimes and corruption inside Syria, and to all political and military personalities condemned in this field, whatever their affiliations and powers they are subject to, or subject to.

Today, after an effort by the correspondents of the “Euphrates Post” in Deir Al-Zour, the file of the military commander in the “Deir Ezzor Military Council” of the “SDF”, Ahmed Al-Khebeel known as the “Abu Khawlah”, is opened.

Al-Khabail does not have a military background or a scientific certificate, he was known in the pre-revolutionary period to be dragged behind the motorcycle theft, and some small thefts of houses in his village al-Rabida, in the northern countryside of Deir Ezzor. However, today he is the leader of a large military faction inside the “SDF,” as he styled himself. The “Amir” of the Al-Bukair clans in Syria, noting that one of his brothers is a well-known loyal to the regime, and they worked together to steal and blackmail civilians in the region.

How was the beginning?

Months after the start of the Syrian revolution, Al-Khabeel and his brothers set out to form a small armed group, whose mission is to cut off major roads in the northern countryside of the governorate – especially the Al-Kharafi Road – and steal cars and flee the passers by force of arms, and impose ransom on those wishing to recover their stolen cars.

Beginning in 2013, Abu Khawla, along with two of his relatives, kidnapped one of the girls in the area, to be found a few days later, and she is a lifeless body. She was raped before her death, and this incident passed without accountability.

After the “ISIS” control of large parts of Deir Ezzor, Abu Khawla pledged allegiance to the organization with a large number of his relatives, and worked inside it in several areas, including the military, but with his decline and retreat before the coalition and the “SDF”, the man joined the latter’s forces , Taking advantage of the “SDF” desire for any Arab personalities from Deir Al-Zour to belong to its ranks to gain legitimacy, and to face the situation of rejection faced by all factions of Deir Al-Zour.

Al-Khabeel began working with “SDF” as a military commander in the “Deir Al-Zour Military Council”, and over time, this faction increased in number, until it includes about 20 thousand fighters.

At the beginning of his dealings with the “SDF”, he  did not have real authority on the ground, for the Kurdish leadership intent on granting him many advantages, including oil, so that he in turn includes all his relatives who were with the “ISIS” to the military council, until the number of members of his faction increased.

After controlling large parts of Deir Al-Zour, Abu Khawla used his position with “SDF” to exempt his ISIS relatives from accounting through a “no exposure” card granted free to them. For non-relatives, this paper is granted in exchange for 2000 USD.

After his affiliation with “SDF”, Al-Khabil issued assurances to all ISIS elements from the people of his area and his clan (Al-Khabour Line), and gave security to all who wish to return, in contrast to what is the case in the strictness in other areas of Deir Ezzor countryside, in which he tried to liquidate many Of the ancient tribal differences, through the pretext of fighting “ISIS”, and the elimination of their cells.

The boy was known for his tribal hostility to the sons of Shuaitat and other clan components, among them the Boujamel.

Information obtained by the “Furat Post”, earlier, indicates that he intentionally carried out raids inside the areas that have no hostility in the countryside of Deir Ezzor, while threatening its residents with the American forces, claiming that he enjoys great support from them, and that it is subject to his indication of the arrest and accountability of everyone who stands in his way .

This reminds us of the fact that Al-Khalil has been known since the beginning of the revolution, spreading tribal strife and strife, and had a role during the control of the “Islamic State”, when he helped and incited them against the people of the eastern region, and even helped them in the implementation of their tribal policy.


After increasing his influence and the illicit money that he earns, Abu Khawlah moved to the stage of buying lands, and focused his attention initially on the town of Tire, which currently owns large parts of its land, and residents of the town estimate its size by about 40 percent of the region’s lands. To his continued work in smuggling and exploitation of water crossings.


It is unfortunate to say that what the “Euphrates Post” documented, indicates that notables from the “Abu Khawlah” clan, the Al-Bukair clan, contributed to its violations and violations, after they pledged allegiance to it in exchange for financial bribes for some of them


Oil .. and Katerje

What must not be overlooked when talking about the “Abu Khawla” file, is his subordinates, or the striking forces through which he practices his excesses and violations, among them “Firas Elias”, who intends to exercise the role of “money launderer”, by purchasing farms and lands, let alone On facilitating other “Abu Khawlah” businesses, through brokering and mediation between him and local merchants, or senior merchants affiliated with the Assad regime and Iranian militias.


“Lias” is helping in this field, Jassem Al-Shami, the arm of Abu Khawla and the link between him and the Al-Qatirji Company, especially in the field of selling and smuggling oil.

(jaseem alshami)

Firas Elias


The information obtained by the “Euphrates Post” confirms that oil is one of the main doors for illegal graft by the artist and his siblings, such as the oil field of Al-Ezba in the northern countryside of Deir Ezzor, which includes an oil well called the “well of Taha”, and it is called the “well” The gathering, ”and pumping about 1,800 barrels per day, devoted 8 days of its monthly production, to a value equivalent to $ 64,000, for“ Abu Khawla ”.



In the oil field as well, the expert assigned delegates to him on all wells. Others do not have the right to invest in high-quality wells.


Al-Khabil is one of the main funders of the regime with oil, which is done through the private sector of Al-Qatirji, and this is done under the eyes of the international alliance, headed by an American, and we do not know whether the penalties of Caesar’s law will be applied to this type of violations, which the law explicitly stipulated to prevent and punish those who implement them.

The arms of corruption are expanding

“Abu Khawla” owns a large share of the “Al Jijan petrol station” in the northern countryside of Deir Al-Zour, the Al-Kilani complex, and a large farm close to “Jleeb Al-Hukma” in the northeastern countryside of Deir Al-Zour near the town of Tire, which includes a stable of stolen Arabian horses. The area is protected and grazing is prohibited to combat desertification, in addition to homes, real estate and properties in the town of Tire, and the towns of Ruwaished, Al-Shananah and Al-Shaddadi in Hasaka countryside


Al-Kilani Petrol Station is one of Abu Khawlah propertie

In extending the arms of corruption, Al-Khabeel has included many of his relatives alongside him, and has given them the management of military sectors, civil councils and administrative bodies, not to mention his acquisition of  share of the support of international organizations working in the region.


The arms of corruption for Al-Khbeel included the majority of civil and sometimes even military positions, from which no one could be appointed, without being close to him, or from his clan, and if this happened and those outside this framework were appointed, then he must pay the money In exchange for his position, or position.

All of the above takes place, at the time it is documented that it owns dozens of ovens, ice factories, mills, shops, transport companies, and horse farms, but it is registered under fake names, not to mention his direct supervision and leadership of local councils and intelligence agencies such as “Al-Ashayes” and municipalities; As well as the town of “Khashman”, which is subject to him, his family and relatives almost completely.

Al-Khubayl also owns shops in Al-Sourzoual Al-Shaddadi, and he bought lands and homes, mostly in Al-Hamr, south of Hasaka. He also owns a share of the crossings with Assad’s forces, in agreement with Haval Farzat and Havel each.

The killing is present

The purebred Arabian horse farm for Abu Khawla


A group of stores known as Al-Kilani Complex, owned by Abu Khawla


Abuses and violations amounted to the killing of civilians from Raqqa, specifically the town of Al-Karamah and other towns from the eastern countryside of Raqqa, after they were looted and subjected to defamation. Rape crimes were also documented by two groups affiliated with Al-Khalil.


Perhaps what helped the existence of killings of civilians, the fact that Al-Khalil smoked and equipped his relatives with weapons, which made them a real threat, especially in the absence of accountability.

Where is the international alliance ..?!


In front of everything that is happening in the countryside of SDF under the control of “SDF”, residents of the region ask several questions, the most important of them, where is the international coalition? And why does he leave matters to corrupt, criminals and bandits like “Abu Khawlah”?


Many residents wonder if the purpose of this is to have coalition agendas and their need for agents and brokers to implement their policy on the ground …?! Or to create a rift between the components of the population, and to serve any occupying forces in the area ..?

Although the crimes and crimes of Al-Khabil, which were due to some of them, were subject to accountability by the leadership of the International Alliance, none of them resulted in being held accountable, including that of his investigation regarding the case of the killing of a former Free Syrian Army commander in the area, named Hamid Al-Aboub, nicknamed “Abu Najm ”, after he was kidnapped with someone else

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