After the painful losses of SDF Coalition waged most violent raids.

by admindiaa
On Friday, the International Coalition waged one of the heaviest raids against a ISIS controlled areas in Syria years ago, according to information provided by the correspondent of Euphrates Post in the eastern countryside of DeirEzzor.The city of Hajen was the scene of coalition’s air strikes over the past few hours, reaching more than 100 raids since the yesterday dawn, killing a number of the SDF fighters while trying to withdraw from the city, which is one of the remaining strongholds of ISIS organization.The information provided by our correspondent confirms that the “ISIS Organization” has managed to regain all the areas that they lost during clashes with “SDF” in the past two days in a Hajen city.Our correspondent pointed out that the heavy air attacks were to cover the withdrawal of “SDF” from the areas they controlled, and to repel intensified attacks by elements of ISIS to recover what they lost inside the city.Our correspondent reported that the fighting in the area has not yet subsided, and that SDF which supported by coalition used heavy artillery shelling of the city’s neighborhoods.The raids launched by the coalition on Hajen two days ago until the moment, the most violent of its kind within the province of DeirEzzor, amid reports that resulted in the deaths of some of the remaining civilians in a Hajen.The raids also resulted in the massacre of members of a displaced family from Palmyra, consisting of 8 people, mostly women and children. The raids also resulted another massacre killed a members other family: Huda Muhy AlHweet, Shaima Mohammed AlAfin, Bayan Mohammed AlAfin with her two daughters with another number of wounded, and all of them are from the town of AlMarayya in the countryside of DeirEzzor.The forces of “SDF” in conjunction with the “Jaish AlThwaar”, waged a new battle in the countryside of DeirEzzor last Friday, to control the last strongholds of “ISIS organization” east of the country, supported by the International Coalition.The control areas of the organization range from Hajen city to the Syrian-Iraqi borders, and include within them the towns and villages of the Hajen, AlShafa, AlMarashda, Bukhater, Bubdaran, Susa, Shejla and Baghouz.The city of the Hajen is the first line of defense of the “ISIS organization”, and displaced most of the Civilians who was within, In conjunction with the intensive of battles towards the remaining areas of the most remaining areas to ISIS organization east of DeirEzzor, especially the town of Shaafah, and some of them reached the area after dealing with “SDF” smugglers, After ISIS prevented them of exit their areas.
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